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Pinan Nidan/Heian Shodan High Block Wrist Grab Drill 2


In this video, we look at another possible way to deal with a high wrist grab. This time, we use the high block to attack the enemy's straightened arm (after using the hikite to reverse the grab and then to pull and straighten the arm, noting that dropping the elbow and thus twisting your arm in hikite will twist and correctly position the enemy's arm for the strike against his straightened elbow joint). Then, we look at some possible takedown techniques as well (the pivot from the high block into the low block).



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Thanks for sharing. Clearly explained and demonstrated. I also like how you show different follow-up options. I must say I'm not so sure about the mechanics of the arm bar, though. Structurally I feel that the leverage of the rising arm would mainly come from the shoulder muscles, as opposed to the entire body. I would rather use the age-uke to slam my arm right into their face/neck with my full body weight behind it. Still the attack on the elbow would give you some body reaction from your opponent. It would certainly not be nice to get struck into the elbow that way.

At 1:24 in the video you explain: "If I don't get it right and he rolls his arm over - fine. I now can do this [a hammerlock], which is not part of the kata." - I would say it is part of the kata alright, as your motion and the end position look pretty much like a left gedan-barai, which is the next technique after the age-uke. :)

Looking forward to your next video Take care,