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Mark Cook
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Playing with Naihanchi, Tekki, Chulgi...

Playing with Naihanchi, Tekki, Chulgi. Last night after class spent a few minutes playing with the kata. In doing so I realized why some styles use a horizontal palm in the form. The video is a bit long but I hope you enjoy it. Keep in mind this is not Kumite nor is the uke resisting. It is just exploration.  

Mark B
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Hi Mark, 

Some really nice stuff there.  As you said it's just slow and easy practice but they're was some great ideas in there, I found your approach had many similarities to my own take on Naihanchi. Thanks for sharing. 



Iain Abernethy
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Awesome that Mark! Thanks for sharing. I’ll share this thread via Facebook and Twitter too as I think everyone will get a lot out of the video.

All the best,


Mark Cook
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Thanks guys. I have already had some great feedback from folk encouraging me to "Think about this angle" or "Try adding in a second punch and more resistance." I always feel a bit awkward putting video out there BUT when I share what I'm doing I always benefit from other peoples vision and experience. Thanks for creating and maintaining a platform to interact with other's memberers of the lively and growing "Bunkai Brotherhood". 

Thanks again Mates

Mark "Oldman" Cook

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Lovely work sir! I really enjoyed the video. This style of application is just what I look for. Short range, simple, robust techniques and principles. Thank you!

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This is a great video.  You have a lot of good ideas here.  I particularly liked the way you set up the techniques with low kicks from the clinch.  

Thank you for sharing.

Mark Cook
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Thanks Katharii, I like short range techniques as well. I'm a short limbed freak of nature. This is a true story... One time in class my teacher said to me, "Mr. Cook, you should consider sueing the city." Why I replied... "For building the sidewalks so close to your arse." laugh

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I definitely appreciate you sharing, both here and in the groups on Facebook! There are several applications you demonstrate that are very similar to things we do, so it's nice to see that others are going in a similar direction.

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very good stuff here,and as the others say,thank you for sharing.its what we all seem to be doing and i love this short sharp shock tactics.im doing the same stuff.thanks again and more please

Mr P
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Great stuff on there Mark. Thanks for sharing.