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Podcast Transcriptions

I was wondering if transcriptions are available for the podcasts? I have a really small download limit on my dongle broadband, which means listening to a podcast eats into my allowance and I incur charges.  Im fine as long as I don't watch video or listen to radio/podcasts etc, so being able to read a podcast would be really helpful to me.



Iain Abernethy
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tksdaddy wrote:
I was wondering if transcriptions are available for the podcasts?

Not really. Some of the podcasts I write out word for word and others I do off the top of my head with a few notes. The ones that are written out in full sometimes make their way to being articles (check out the articles page). The general joy of podcasts though is that they are relatively quick and inexpensive to make and are very popular. To write them all out word for word or to get them transcribed later would be very time consuming and not practical. You’re not alone in asking for written versions though. One of the plans for this year is to release a book on my martial thinking (exclusively via this site) that will include some written versions of the more popular podcasts in addition to new writings. The fact that I will charge for the book will make the time, effort and expense involved in transcribing and tweaking the podcasts a practical proposition.

The podcasts are not too big in size though (the biggest is 27M, most are much less) and they only come out once a month so it should not be too great a burden on your limits. May I suggest you listen to my podcasts and don’t bother to download any others? ;-)

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