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Mark B
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Practical application of Jion- Narrow and deep (part one)

On the 31st of August 2013 I will be running an open session on the practical application of Jion.

The session is titled ''Narrow and deep (part one)'' and will focus on the Kata from the opening Yoi to the first double Age Uke-Junzuki.

I will look to create a holistic series of applications which will solve a set of predictable responses whilst taking and re-taking the initiative in a close quarter altercation. 

The session will also include pad drills to enable the practicioner to increase proficiency at delivering impact with different striking weapons at close quarters.

As any technique, or sequence of techniques in Kata can have several applications this session will be part one of two and will primarily deal with denying the opponent an avenue back into the confrontation.

Part two will consider the kata further to deal with a significant loss of advantage by the Karateka.

The session will run from 11.00am-3.00pm, the venue is Serbian Orthodox church, Heap street, Boothtown, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX3 6JE. The cost of the session is £10

Anyone who may be interested can contact me through PM on this forum or at markbonner1@hotmail.co.uk

All the best


Mark B
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Hi all. 

I have decided to cover the entire kata Jion for this session. The approach will be simple and effective use-able applications focusing primarily on impactive techniques but also including locks, takedowns and chokes/strangles.  The session will start with a few simple entry drills and will also include pad drills inspired by the kata. 

Please note the session will now run from 10.00am-2.00pm , the cost is £10. If anyone is interested please contact me by PM through this forum or via my email on the post above.  



Iain Abernethy
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Hi All,

I know Mark well and like the “zero-BS” approach he has to kata. If you are able to get along to thing I highly recommended you do as you are sure to be given much food for thought!

All the best,


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