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Iain Abernethy
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Practical Karate / Kata Bunkai Needs You! (I've had a thought)

Hi All,

I’ve had a thought! Recently on here, quite a few people have been sharing really good videos showcasing their thoughts and research on various kata application sequences. This got me thinking …

One thing we could do is pick a sequence from a given kata and then we all (or at least all of us who wish to participate) have a think, do our research, apply our personal processes and then share (in video) some of our own personal thoughts. This would then create a “bunkai library” for that sequence which would be freely accessible to all.

I’ll share the link link to the “libary entry” (forum page with all videos embedded), as well as the individual videos, via my lists. Thousands would be able to see the videos and benefit from our collective thoughts. I’d suggest we use YouTube as that would mean anyone can embed the individual videos anywhere on the net. Others could then add the library to their own websites etc if they wanted.

As I see it, this would benefit practical karate as those interested will have free access to a lots of quality information as well as a variety of thoughts and opinions. Those watching the videos – but who don’t feel able to contribute – would benefit as it would hugely help provide the alternative to the pseudo-traditional “block, kick, punch … but only in the way I tell you to and when I tell you too bunkai” … and they would be able to put forward sequences for collective analysis which they found particularly interesting or confusing. Also, those contributing videos would get lots of views (collective efforts will have a grater impact and draw than individual efforts) and they would help those who have lots of offer to get heard above the noise.

I know how hard it can be for those with plenty to offer to get their contribution out to a meaningful audience, and I also know from my travels that there are loads of “unknowns” out there doing fantastic stuff … and potentially interested people never get  to see it. This project, if people are interested, would help fix that because anyone who had a video camera (or a smart phone) and a youtube account will be able to contribute. The good stuff, and those who produce it, will be sure to quickly gather a following as interested people will help ensure it all goes viral.

So what do you think?

My initial thoughts are it would work like this:

1, We ask for suggestions via Facebook of the (short) kata sequence people would like to see applications for. Anyone can write their suggestions in the comments, and people will be encouraged to “like” the ones of most interest. We will then put the “top 3” to a similar vote so that we arrive at a community decision of the topic.

2, We announce that topic and set up a thread for it. People will then be able to upload their videos, post the links and supporting text, and I’ll embed them all.

3, As new videos come in, I’ll let people know. The page should get loads of views and we reap the benefits outlined above.

4, Six weeks or so later, we repeat the whole process.

As I say this is just a thought I’d share while I’m in Paris awaiting my flight. So I’ve only thought about it for about as long as it took me to write this. I therefore would welcome thoughts on the idea generally and suggestions as to how we could best make it work.

Must fly :-)


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This is a brilliant idea and must happen! 

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Sounds like a great idea Iain. :-)
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Love it!
Mark Powell
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Great idea! Only snag for it with me is I don't use Facebook.

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yesIt would be fantastic!!  / Sería fantastico, gran idea!  

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I'm game. Sounds like fun.

neil kenyon
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Yes brilliant, I share the Facebook issue. 

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I love this idea!

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Fantastic idea!

Iain Abernethy
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OK, it seems people are keen on this! As regards the Facebook voting issue, I will mirror it here too (and on Twitter) so non-facebookers can still vote and make suggestions. Leave it with me and we can roll this out later in the week :-)

All the best,


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I like that concept.....I want to add a different spin.
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Sounds great. What kata are you thinking of researching?

Iain Abernethy
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The latest developments can be found here: http://iainabernethy.co.uk/content/votes-are-pick-final-three

Iain Abernethy
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