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Q and A Podcast Part 2: Karate and Training

Part 2 of our 3-hour Q&A podcast! Please be sure to listen to part 1 first! In Part 1 we covered self-defence and kata / bunkai questions. In Part 2 we look at General Karate, and Training and Technique questions! A full list of topics can be found below. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!

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General Karate

What other Japanese arts have influenced the development of karate; Are modern styles losing the originality and martial side of karate; Where does tradition stop and modern innovation start; Has MMA helped karate re-discover itself; What style of karate do I practise; Thoughts on karate getting in the Olympics; The nature of kiai; How karate is influenced by national culture; Where does karate begin and end; What are Motubu's most significant and / or unique contributions to Karate; The criticisms I have had; If I could talk to Itosu and Funakoshi what would I want to know; The evolution of my own karate.

Training & Technique

(Starts at 51:30 mins) Traditional vs. modern training equipment; How much time should you spend on each element; Should you wear gloves when doing pad drills; Training in more than one art; The necessity of sparring; Training for body type; Which part of the fist should we hit with; Flexibility training; Fitness training in karate classes.

Q and A Part 2
Iain Abernethy
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