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Rare book

Hi Everyone.

Does anyone know where i can find a copy of Patrick McCarthy's 1999 translation of Karate-do Gaisetsu by Miyagi Chojun.

I've been scouring the obvious online stores and found nothing.

Thanks in advance.

Dan the 2nd.

Iain Abernethy
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I’ve not got a copy to hand to double check, but I understand the translation is included in Volume 2 of “Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts”:

Volume Two contains McCarthy's Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Mabuni Kenwa Story, the Dai Nippon Butokukai, and Karatedo: Development, Essence and Aims, as well as Miyagi Chojun's Karatedo Gaisetsu: An Outline of Karatedo and the transcription of the 1936 Meeting of Okinawan Karate Masters.

That book is available second hand at a reasonable price:



I hope that helps.

All the best,


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you can also find it in this book by McCarthy: https://www.amazon.com/Legend-Fist-Patrick-McCarthy/dp/1985006766/

Regards Holger

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Thank you Iain and Holger.

I've gone for the cheaper one yet with more Miyagi content - Legend Of The Fist.

Thanks to your suggestions I've been able to 'Look Inside' these books to see for myself that they both do indeed contain what I was looking for.

Love the internet (when its not work related).

Thanks again.


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Hi Dan,

just for reference, I remembered that there is another translation made by Heiko Bittmann that can be found here: 


Just so you know and if you would like to compare translations. Maybe you can get a copy in your part of the world.

Regards Holger