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Same kata, different name

Hi everybody!

I thought that Kyokushin Karate had many unique Kata but I have learned that two of them were originally from  Goju Ryu and Shito Ryu. These kata are Tsuki no Kata and Yantsu (Ansan). I have looked up the information on Wikipedia and Youtube.

Tsuki No Kata :

Tsuki no kata comes apparently from Seigokan Goju Ryu by Seigo Tada and exists in that system under the name kihon tsuki no kata. Here are links to the Seigokan version and the Kyokushin version.



Yantsu (Ansan/hansan)

Apparently, Yantsu comes from Ansan, a Shito ryu kata. Here are links to the Shito ryu version and the Kyokushin version.



Have any of you known these kata under these names? Are they well known and widely studied in Goju-ryu and Shito-ryu? I've been looking for bunkai for these kata for a long time. 

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Long time no speak, Hope you are well my friend. Not to sure on the kata but wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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wasnt sure of the origins of Tsuki no.  In Cameron Quinns Book, he notes that both Kata are from Shuri-te origins, as opposed to Naha-te.

Not sure of bunkai of the Tsuki-no, although, (i have thought) it is called punching kata (Tsuki) I have always been told it is a kata of stances. This is why it is placed around the yellow/green belt level of Kokushin.  You have to master moving between the stance before you can move into the senior grades, of green, brown belts.

Yantsu, - Have seen a group of Kempo students practising a kata that looked remarkably similiar to the Kyokushin version.  Difference was in Kyokushin the moves are done 90 degrees to the side, the Kempo version was done at 45 degrees to the side. Am aware of some bunkai, ie the wrist releases etc,but that probably displays my lack of knowledge more so thatn assists.

Hope that helps