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Searching a Video about attention or awareness


maybe you can help me.

I'm looking for a video that I saw a long time ago. I do want to share it with our students.

Here's the story: A woman comes after shopping heavily laden down the street. A man stands on the corner of their way. She did not notice him. After she passed him, he follows her to her apartment building. He argues in a lengthy story that he is looking for a friend in the house and if they also lives there. He helps her to bear up the pockets to her door. Once there, he offers her to bring the pockets into the kitchen. He also says "I will not harm you.". She let him into the apartment.

At every key point in the video is also displayed, which warning signs were meant to be seen. Example, big stories are a sign for a lie.. etc.

Maybe you know it or can give me a hint.

I searched with several keywords, but didn't find it yet.

With best regards from Germany