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Hi Peter,

Apologies for not replying earlier, been having major issues with emails earlier this week, which are now sorted, but I think some PM's may have been lost in the interim.

I've reserved your place on the Seminar, so we're all good there.

I shall have a chat with some of the other karate-ka in the area to see if we can organise a get together and a location for that.  I know some are not available for the next couple of weeks (half term holidays, work commitments, etc).  I do have a hall on Wednesdays in Brixworth - not sure how close that is to you.

Drop me an email on andy@troozers.com and we can keep in touch there.

Thanks to Mr Abernethy for warning that I may have missed some conversations :)

Peter P
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Hi troozers,

Many thanks, roll on December (something I thought I'd never say!).

Wednesdays, I'm not sure about; I finish work at 6pm and it's 8.8 miles away, 17 minutes by car, so it may be cutting it fine.

For now, I must get ready for bed as I have an early start tomorrow but I'll be sure to email you once I'm back.

Thanks again.