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Ben Ryder
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Seipai Bunkai Course, Sheffield, UK 9th November


I have been asked to teach a course on the kaat Seipai by Dill Young's group in Sheffield on November 9th. The course profits are being donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance; I will be taking no fee so we hope to raise a decent amount of money for  very worthwile charity. Its 12-3pm on 9th November - further details are on the poster below and Dill's contact email is dillzogg@yahoo.co.uk.

Black Tiger
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Seipai is a Kata I've been wanting to learn etc.

Would love to attend but there's 2 reasons:

  1. I have 2 people attending Black Belt Gradings with me on that day
  2. I haven't actually learnt the kata yet

Hope it goes well and let me know if there is another one maybe next year


Dill Young
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Dear Black Tiger.

I guess there is`nt much you can do about  your students gradings. Good luck to all concerned.

But , with regards knowing the kata before attending, if anyone else is concerned about this then please dont worry. The content of the course is relevant to all practitioners of martial arts. The core principles are what we need to understand. I am sure there will be many cross overs that will give some meaning to whatever Kata/forms you normally practice. Thankyou.