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Self Defence Demonstration

Hello Guys, 

I've been a long time lurker but never really too active and have immensely enjoyed the conversations over the past three years and it all has certainly fed into my training one way or another. 

By May 2014, if all goes well, I will be grading for my 2nd Dan. As part of our grading, a small section for all candidates going to 2nd Dan is to demonstrate a combination of self defence drills integrated together in a scenario based setting - with a minimum of 10 or so moves. That being said, a move can be as simple as a punch or as complicated as a break in the form of a knee lock. 

What is boggling me as I ponder a set of moves is that I feel like my ideas seem fairly...seperated so far and are not rolling in together nicely for something real world - i.e. think kung fu movie fighting off each opponenet one by one instead of at the same time etc. 

I was looking for some ideas to make this multiple based sparring/real world type scenario. 

We demonstrate this three times. The first time is to break down and explain each step/action and the next step is to run through it slowly with the final 'putting it to the test' at a sort of combat speed. 

I was looking at using props (which hasn't been done before) like starting by carrying my car keys with me while walking to my car at an empty parking lot, or/and using the body of one opponent to defend off against another etc. 

Thoughts and ideas welcome! 

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Well, if you have to show 10 or so move, it will be a bit broken up and not real world. Either you're being attacked by 2 or 3 people and not hitting them hard enough so they are getting up, or you are being attacked by 10 people who and finishing each one. And they arent just piling on to you :)

What else are you doing in the grading? It might be nice to link the parts that you are doing to the katas that you need to know. 

As far as props go, you should easily be able to inlcude some defences against rubber knives.

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Hello Rafanap, 

I agree with you here that it's not real world. It's meant to be a demonstration of defences really, but I want it to be as fluid as possible. Some props for me would include like carrying a laptop bag around and using it as a guard against a stick that was picked up off the ground...that sort of thing. 

However, street application wise, you are right - I wouldn't want to stick aroung like a Kung Fu movie picking them off one by one. 

Other things in the grading include kihon, sparring, pinan katas and our advanced ones like Empi and Seipai. 

However, I think I will try and incorporate a kata move or two. Thanks for the options :)