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Self-Protection: Viking Style! (podcast)

Put on your horned-helmets and pick up your battle axes … it’s time to look at self-protection: Viking Style!

This podcast looks at a Viking wisdom poem (which is well over 1000 years old) and discuss the bits that relate to personal safety, self-protection and success in battle. As I hope you will agree, much of it rings true today and has quite a bit in common with the advice and guidance we find passed down to us in the traditional martial arts.

The poem covers awareness, dealing with difficult and potentially violent people, the causes of conflict, good personal safety habits, martial focus, what is worth fighting for and what is not, the difference between the wise use of discretion and cowardice, and a lot more!

I must confess that the TV show Vikings was part of the inspiration for this podcast! I have combined my interests in martial arts, self-protection, history and mythology into, what I hope you’ll agree, makes for an interesting and entertaining way to discuss many of often overlooked, and yet vitally important, aspects of modern day self-protection.

All the best,


PS I’m aware that that Vikings never wore horned-helmets in battle :-)

Self-Protection: Viking Style!
Iain Abernethy