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Solo Bunkai Impact Training--Opening Moves to Pinan Shodan

I was fortunate enough to attend Iain Sensei's Texas seminar, where he taught us a drill for clearing limbs, making use of the opening sequence of Pinan Shodan/Heian Nidan. I'm sure this drill is familiar to many on this forum. Given my current training situation, I decided to adapt this drill to solo training. I tie a belt to a heavy bag to simulate the limb that needs to be moved out of the way before punching to the jaw/head. I added this to my training routine this past Friday, and it works great for me. I hope you enjoy and that it helps you with your own solo training routines. 



Iain Abernethy
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Hi David,

Another example of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” :-)

Love it!

All the best,