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Speed ball/focus ball training

I wonder if anybody can help me, I'm look for a piece of equipment that I've sen being used by a couple of boxers no matter where I look on the Internet I cant find out what the item is called or where to find such item. I'm looking for a type of speed ball that is worn on the head via a small head strap it is basically a small ball on a bungee attached to the head that you use a bit like a floor to ceiling ball for eye-hand coordination it would save a lot on space to use dose anybody know where,what or how to find such item please?

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if you can't find what you are looking for from any of the boxing equipment suppliers i would suggest that such an item is not actually manufactured and whatever you have seen has been a bespoke peice of equipment. if that is the case then you could try making the item yourself, that way you will get exactly the item you want even if it takes a bit of trial and error to get the design right.

i have made my own boxing coach's body pad, kick shield and even a throwing / grappling dummy all of which have served me well in both my own personal training and in teaching in a class.