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Mikael Holstebro
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Taeguek - OH Jang

As a Taekwondo practioner it is easy to be jealous on the wealth of material on Kata applikations compared to what can be found on The Kukkiwon Taekwondo forms. But then again it leaves room for exploring and creativity.

Our Club joined the WCA last year, and it is our intention over time to develop flowdrills, sparring drills and pad drills for most of the Taeguek and Poomsae.

We started with Taegeuk OH-JANG - mainly beacuse we had a flash of inspiration, and we managed to connect the pieces.

I hope some of you will find this usefull. 

Application Flow Drill: with explanations in Danish.


We developed it a bit more, to improve the flow, but before we had time to film it properly Corona happend.

But we have this rough video from our grading in February


We developed 3 pad drills to fit the Taeguek




Video from the grading with a bit more flow.


Finaly we have played around with KATA/TAEGUEK Based Sparring, here is a short clip.


I have a the out lines for a few more TAEGUEKS and Poomsae, but testing it right now is a challenge.

I hope the Links work!!

Mikael Holstebro
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After seeing Christian Wedewart having a Solo Pillow fight, I had to copy him, and make a pillowfight flow drill for our students.

They are a match for the paddrills, with a few modifications.




I think the pillow fight approach offers other options than the pads eg switching hands, so there is some benefits in the metod - for solotraining.