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Teaching in Australia


I am a professional karate instructor (shotokan) working in Beds/Bucks UK.

My wife is considering a very good job offer in Queensland, australia.

I was hoping that I could start up a few classes in australia and maybe get to the level I am working at now (or more)

Does anyone have any insight into the Karate scene in Australia?

How do things like insurance, crb checks (or equivilent) etc work over there?

What about governing bodies? Is it similar to the UK (where there is in effect no NGB!)?

Anyone recommend a good supplier of equipment (gi's and belts etc)

What about other good instructors or clubs in the rockhampton area that are worth checking out?


Google seems to throw up very little, just a few clubs that all seem to have some japanese affiliation (skiff or jka etc)

wayne williams
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Hey Gaz,

                I dont have any help to offer in particular other than Hanshi Pat McCarthy lives in Australia and im sure has many contacts all over that continent. Trained with him a couple of years ago and he is very approachable and helpful. He does not seem to be stuck in the style protection mind set that you sometimes come across either. He can be found on Face Book and contacted through that media. If i were moving to OZ that is certainly the first person i would contact about karate issues. I said it wasnt much!  Lucky sod, Australia ehh?yes  Wayne