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Johnny Wilson
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Tekki/Naichanchi Seminar, Rothwell, Leeds - 20th Nov

Tekki/Naichanchi Seminar, Rothwell Sports Centre, Leeds.

The seminar is on Sunday 20th November 2016 between 1130-1430hrs. The seminar shall be taught and conducted by Mark Bonner of Jiko Kaizen Koryu Karate.

The seminar will address the habitual acts of physical violence with individual application practices which are structured into 11 larger exercises which will allow the karateka to appreciate the organic nature of a violent physical confrontation.

Depending on how vigorously attendees wish to practice the drills gum shield /mouth guard may be advisable,  although not essential as the drills can also be practiced in a softer fashion for learning purposes.

Each person who attends the seminar will receive a booklet detailing each of the 11 Naihanchi drills,  plus each exercise will be recorded & uploaded to YouTube for reference purposes.

The cost of the seminar is £15.00 per person and payment needs to be made in advance.

For more info/queries please email Johnny Wilson - j169.wilson@btinternet.com

Iain Abernethy
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As most of you will know, Mark is a regular contributor to this forum and is very generous in sharing videos of his take on kata bunkai. It's good stuff, but nothing can beat leanring these things in person. If any of you are free on this day, I am sure it will be a most enjoyable and informative day!

All the best,


Mark B
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Hi all. The seminar is doing very well for numbers, however, the session will be held in a sports hall, so there is room for any late bookings. If you would like to take part then please contact Johnny on the address above. We will be covering the ten Bunkai Kumite exercises for Naihanchi which I teach. These ten drills are designed to cover the most commonly seen habitual acts of physical violence - but they are much more than that!! Once the drills are understood they are structured in such a way as to give the feeling of an actual fight situation, with the "scruffy" continuous energy & movement. The long term aim of the exercises is to allow Tori and Uke to alter the attacks, responses and continuations without hesitation. It should be a really lively session. Johnny and I would love to see a few of you there. Regards, Mark