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Top 10 Problems in the Martial Arts today

Hi all, just wanted to share some thoughts.




Iain Abernethy
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A very good article Chris with many valid points made. This article covers what I see as the top three:


It was written a while ago, but it still holds up I feel.

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. We don’t enter the UFC because your stuff is sport, our stuff is deadly...

Um..try your stuff out on people who are well seasoned in judo, wrestling, bjj, boxing, thai, and savate...i’m talking at the pro-level, then play with an NHB (no-holds-barred) fighter like a UFC person....then come and talk to me. Been there, done that, and had my ass handed to me. Granted I’ve met some tough ass Gung fu people, and Karate guys who have not done the above...yet are just tough from their training and upbringing....but just saying this....your training must engrain realism via progressive resistance (just like the sport guys) otherwise, it’s just an art form with no “martial”. I’ve had my ass handed to me by some of these players mentioned above, and I simply had to learn concepts from their arts to survive and stay credible. NHB fighters and combat sport players can adjust on the dime and adapt to anything you throw at them...why?....progressive resistance training....us martial arts guys simply need to do this in our training and all is well!


If your stuff is “deadly” then sport training is probably not your goal, so sport is not the correct way to decide is something is successful or not.   Punching someone pre-emptively in the windpipe works, but you can’t try it out on people well seasoned in judo wrestling bjj boxing thai and savte as the rules of their sport don’t allow a) pre-emptive striking and b) strikes to the throat.

If you walk to the centre of the octagon and the ref says “touch gloves” and then you hit the guy in the throat without warning there is no doubt it is effective, but by the rules of sport you lose as you get disqualified.

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Lots of noise about this recent MMA fight.  Which highlights one of the differences between sport and street.  All other "too deadly" BS aside, the biggest thing is the consent of being there in the ring vs. the "street".

Iain Abernethy
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The criminal does not what a fight. Deception, “cheap shots”, weapons, numbers, ambush, etc. are all way more preferable. That’s why a 100% “fight based” solution of criminal violence is problematic. If this is the “cheap shot” described – it looks like an odd way to touch gloves from the guy who gets knocked out – then the striker used “criminal tactics” effectively.

Not that we should really compare and contrast them (apples vs oranges) because both have value and both are “better” than the other when judged on their own terms.

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