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Training in Cambridgeshire

Greetings, just joined the forum and very excited about the useful and helpful discussions here.

i just moved to cambridge area, specifically st Ives / Huntington area, and I am looking for a new club/ organisation to train with. I am not too hung up on particular styles as I have moved around a bit over the years so usually just train in what is availed. For the last couple of years have been reining in a wadoryu club with demanding requirements for fitness, and realness, commitment to the training and respect for tradition.

i have done some training with the local goju club, but the time of the training and location make it difficult for me to commit as I have two young boys that need their dad for bed time. 

I would want an organisation with a similar high standard, but I am not to hung on style. I have moved around a lot and generally just try to find the best instruction I can.  Any recommendations would be useful.  



Mr P
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Hi Navier, I run a small Shotokan club in Peterborough on Wednesday evenings. You are welcome to come along and try us out. Details on our website. Www.pskjc.co.uk


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Hiya Mr P.-

sorry did not get back to you sooner. we have been fighting the scourge of chicken pox in the NS household.  Would be interested in checking out you club but Wednesday nights do not work as herself has a commitment then.  Hope to see you around.  Thanks for the information.