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Training in Kyoto

I will be in Kyoto, Japan for 2 weeks at the end of June, and wondered if anyone could recommend a Shotokan karate dojo in the city.  I will likely try to work out with the club at Doshisha University, but it would be cool to visit a local dojo in the area.  Any suggestions?  Steve

Dale Parker
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Good question.  In 1988 they had Ahihara Karate and Shito Ryu

Shotokan is mostly popular in the Tokyo area.

And depending how you travel it could be a 4 hour trip to Tokyo, one way.

Go to the Butokuden, they will have Karate there. Just not sure what flavor.

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Thanks for the info.  I think that the Budokan has mostly akido and judo, but I'll check it out.