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Bob Davis
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Training partner(s) wanted, SW Herts, UK, (WD3 postcode)

Hi all,

I find myself in the same trap as many others. I have the interest, I have access to a training hall, I have all the necessary kit (mats, mitts, pads etc...) I have 15 years of "classical" karate experience and a few years of (intermittent) practical "applied" karate experience BUT I have no one to play with on a regular basis to really work at the level I'd like to.

I have a couple of blackbelts from another group who come down once a month to work on applied karate (a session which anyone is welcome to join BTW) but other than that I'm left training solo (with all the limitations that brings).

Anyone interested then give me a shout.

Bob D.

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Hi Bob

I am feeling your pain mate!

What is that junction 17 or 18 on the M25? It is a real shame as it is just too far for me as a regular session.

I am in Hemel a bit, send me an email with the usuall address... it would be nice to be able to occationally come and have a knock-about.