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Treatment Oils/Rubs - Recommendations

Now As age comes upon us we tend to ache a bit more than we used to and I even from the begininng of my Martial Arts Career, would use Heat Rub or Chinese Treatments to take away the Burn you got from constant training. Note that for the first 24hours R.I.C.E. should be followed.

In the past I have used and Recommend

Thai Oil, Predominately used by Thai Boxers, it smells good or bad depending on the person, just don't get it in your Eyes or "Other Regions"

Wood Lock Yaw, a Chinese Treatment Oil that is a good alternative to Thai Oil, same type of effects an d precausions to be taken with this one but its really good, I've even used it on Injuries to speed up the healing process.

Deep Heat - UK version excellent if you can't get hold of any of the above.

Dit Da(t) Yaw - Another Chinese Treatment there are various versions of this and all have different effects, including "IRON PALM", "DRAGON FIST" etc. I'll let you decide on this one.

There is another treatment available in Japan which the Kyokushin Fighters and other KnockDown Karateka use but I've not yet found it available in the UK.

Does anyone else use and recommend other treatments etc for sore muscles and Injuries (Note anything stated on this Post/thread are Opinions ONLY and if in doubt consult a Doctor. especially if you suffer from allergies etc. Also some treatments may not be available in the Uk due to some of the substances in the treatments being bank in various countries.

Dave Moore
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Bought the Wood lock one and it is very good apart from the fact it absolutely stinks,

Andrew Carr-Locke
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Tea Tree oil and lots of Eucalyptus and salts in the bath. 

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when I was working makiwara regulary we used tiger balm and found it really good.