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Jamie Clubb
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Vagabond Warriors 2.1 (Telford) 31st March

The Event: Jamie Clubb's "Vagabond Warriors 2.1" Seminar

Date: 31st March 2012

Price: £50 on the day - discounts for early bookings, regular attendees and BCA members

Venue: Court Works Industrial Estate, Bridgenorth Road, Madeley, Telford, TF7 4JB. (Opposite the Three Furnaces Pub and next door to the Halfords Auto Centre)

Booking Contact: 07940726311 Email: info@kyushinkai.com

What is Vagabond Warriors?

Vagabond Warriors is a unique approach designed to enhance your personal training and education in functional martial arts. They take the form of monthly five hour seminars made up of purposeful and clearly targeted high intensity specific training, attribute training and functional fitness.

What Makes it Different from Other Seminars?

It works from the latest educational models. The students actively shape the content of the seminars, getting information and the results they are after. Furthermore, the training begins from the moment you register. You get one-to-one online training advice with the course creator, become instantly connected to other students attending and continue to receive support two weeks after the actual seminar, ensuring maximum retention of information.

Feedback on the Vagabond Warriors Approach:

“For those of you new to Vagabond Warriors I have to add that attending a mere two VW seminars last year totally transformed my approach, attitude and content of my training and that of the students I have under my guidance.  In terms of the club I co-instruct, gone are the jumping jacks etc. and functional, combative warm ups are in place, using exercises and ideas learnt first-hand from Jamie Clubb [Vagabond Warriors creator]and then devising others based on the VW criteria. The WC students love them, and the harder I push them, the bigger the smiles”

                             - Andras Milward, FAST Defence instructor and instructor at Kamon Wing Chun Southville

“Jamie Clubb has trained with some of the world's leading personal combat specialists, and he has received remarkable accolades from men who are not easily impressed. Not content with merely teaching a set of physical techniques, Jamie seems to have a unique mission...he wants his students to experience the joy of discovery on their own. He presents them with skill sets not only to learn to fight and defend themselves but also how to research their own approach and learn to think. Jamie is truly a modern-day Renaissance man”

- Ron Goin, P.U.M.A. (Practial Urban Martial Arts) Programme, Nashville, USA

"Perhaps the number one modern and emerging expert mind in Reality Based Self Defence. The person I believe will be a world leader in self-defence instruction."

- Andrew Holland, MASAC Ju Jitsu founder/Self Defence Expert.com

More detailed information on the seminar: http://clubbchimera.com/content/vagabond-warriors-20

Jamie Clubb
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We have a free taster session this coming Thursday 22nd March at the above venue. Starts at 7pm!