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Iain Abernethy
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Vagabond Warriors 2.2 Seminar with Jamie Clubb

Date: Saturday 28th April

Times: 10-15:00


Kyushinkai Martial Arts Centre,

Court works

Industrial Esatate,Bridgenorth Road,



TF7 4JB.

Vagabond Warriors is a revolutionary approach to improving your martial arts skills. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced coach, the VW experience will challenge the way you think, train and coach. It is designed to put the individual back in the driving seat of their martial arts learning. You will be pushed both mentally and physically to achieve your personal goals, and be provided with unique pre and post seminar support.

Here is some feedback from previous VW seminars:

"Vagabond Warriors is a seminar that changes the game for everY martial artist on an individual level" - Andrew Holland, Self Defence Expert.com/MASAC Ju Jitsu (Sheffield)

"For those of you new to VW I have to add that attending a mere two VW seminars last year totally transformed my approach, attitude and content of my training and that of the students I have under my guidance. In terms of the Wing Chun club I co-instruct, gone are the jumping jacks etc. and functional, combative warm ups are in place, using exercises and ideas learnt first hand from Jamie and then devising others based on the VW criteria. The WC students love them, and the harder I push them, the bigger the smiles. Once they can breathe again. My fellow instructor has now mined his extensive repertoire of bodyweight functional exercise to balance my combat-focus with similar reactions from the students. " - Andras Millward FAST Defence instructor and instructor at Kamon Wing Chun (Southville)

Vagabond Warriors was created by and will be coached by Jamie Clubb (creator of the best-selling "Cross Training the Martial Arts" and "Rapid Street Defence" DVD series):

"[Jamie Clubb] is truly a critical thinker and accepts nothing at face value. He believes in research, the scientific approach, and unbiased analysis. Jamie has trained with some of the world's leading personal combat specialists, and he has received remarkable accolades from men who are not easily impressed. Not content with merely teaching a set of physical techniques, Jamie seems to have a unique mission...he wants his students to experience the joy of discovery on their own. He presents them with skill sets not only to learn to fight and defend themselves but also how to research their own approach and learn to think. Jamie is truly a modern-day Renaissance man."

- Ron Goin, P.U.M.A. (Practial Urban Martial Arts) Programme, (Nashville, USA)

 “Jamie Clubb is one of those rare instructors who is engages everyone from the onset of each training session and lesson he conducts. He is very effective in putting across a valuable pragmatic message without fuss but with intelligent delivery. Thoroughly personable, a sound communicator and all-round instructor, Jamie dedicates each session to those he instructs and exceptional gains are made by all those in attendance.”

 - Steven Timperley, Elite Response Training (Colchester)