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Volume Two of the Pinan Flow System by John Titchen

Message from John Titchen:

I’m extremely excited to be releasing Volume Two of the Pinan Flow System outlining how I use Pinan / Heian Sandan. I rate this kata incredibly highly and believe it forms an important part in a karateka’s repertoire. I hope that by taking the time to record my drills in pictures this book will ‘open it up’ to far more people than I could possibly reach by seminars and classes alone.  I’ve recently had two experienced Dan grades come to join me for ‘extra’ karate training in addition to their own regular club training, and if their smiles and laughter as the kata has come alive for them in these drills is any measure then I know that a lot of students and instructors will benefit from this book.

The book predominantly focuses on utilising the kata movements to shift between the different positions that can occur when you are dealing with an actively resisting person at close quarters. The drills show how the techniques of the kata can be used (often in sequence) to navigate through the failures and redundancies that naturally occur in live training. The drills cover responses to HAOV (habitual acts of violence) like grabs, punches, tackles, leg lifts, headlocks and clinch like positions, and the kata comes alive with punches, open handed strikes, forearm strikes, unbalancing strategies, knee strikes, arm controls, holds and throws. The drills are designed to work alongside those shown in Volume One, but can stand alone as a key way of improving your repertoire.

In the foreword Iain Abernethy said that:

"Karate is undergoing a revolution. Not a revolution that uproots the past, but instead one that returns to the past to water the roots of our tradition so that, after decades of stasis, it may grow and flourish. This revolution is seeing kata – the very roots of our art – being returned to its rightful place at the core of practise. Not because of nostalgia, or some unthinking adherence to “tradition”, but because kata, when approached correctly, works! There is no doubt in my mind that John Titchen is one of the leading lights of this modern revolution (re-evolution?).

In this book you will get to see John’s views on the practical applications of Pinan Sandan. And while that alone is worth the price of admission, it is John’s underlying thinking, as laid out and succinctly expressed in this book, that really impresses. This book is not just a collection of bunkai (kata application), but the setting out of an entire philosophy of kata.”

The book is available on amazon in print and in ebook form for kindle readers and apple ipads and iphones.



The second edition of Volume One of the series, covering Heian / Pinan Shodan and Nidan is also available in print and ebook form.