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Joseph O'Neill
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Wrestling partner wanted

Hi all, 

I'd like to caveat this thread with OBVIOUSLY this will not be until the current issue (we dare not speak it's name!) is resolved. Everyone's safety is much more important than this request, but time spent planning is never time wasted so I thought I could get this ball rolling now.

With that caveat in place, I'm looking for someone in the Aylesbury/Milton Keynes kind of area (kind of anywhere mid-bucks, really, I'm fairly happy to travel) who would be interested in getting together to wrestle, and learn folkstyle/freestyle wrestling together. I'm quite interested in catch-as-catch can, owning a couple of manuals from the era when it was more popular, but I also own a couple of video lessons from wrestling fanatics which are really well produced which could be used as source material. 

We can decide between us the frequency of the training and the time(s), but I'd like to aim for monthly as a minimum for a couple of hours, or fortnightly if we can both manage this. 

If there are multiple people interested, then we could also develop this into a study group rather than just 1-on-1.

There is quite a lot of BJJ around, but having done karate (3 different ways), and Judo, I'd like to explore our own western martial tradition slightly as well - unfortunately wrestling is a difficult one to do on your todd!

If this request isn't suitable for this forum, apologies and please remove it, but if it is, please let me know if there's anyone interested.

Thanking you all in advance,