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WWII hand to hand videos

It says it from the US Navy but I think these guys are Army air corps.

I figured people would get a kick out of them.




Sebastian B.
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Some of the techniques are pretty similar to the techniques shown in videos of William Fairbarn (who was one of the greatest martial artists in my opinion).

Here are some examples:


You can also find his book "get tough" in the internet, if you look for it (although I´m not sure what about the copyright).

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What I find interesting is the type of applications and senario's being demonstrated in these videos (particulalry the US Navy stuff from 1942) as contrasted with the comparative timelines with Funakoshi and the development of Shotokan in Japan...

The Priors
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Just goes to show, call it what you will: principles is principles!

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Many of these techniques come from catch as catch can wrestling. My father was a hand to hand combat instructor during WWII. He taught RAF and U.S. Army Air Corps pilots after he was shot down himself twice and due to his injuries was grounded. He taught me several of these techniques and told me of their origins.

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I am told that the founer of the style of Ju-Jtsu I train in taught soldiers during WWII. I certainy see some similarites when I look at Fairbarns' book Get Tough