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YAY! Interesting Kyokushin bunkai!

Hello all! It has been many years since I've posted something here. Anyways, I found a website in which bunkai for Kyokushin kata is explained. The website is by Howard Collins who appeared in the movie "Fighting Black Kings/Shijo Saikyo no Karate", a movie about the first Kyokushin world tournament. He used to represent the UK branch. Here is a link to the page containing the bunkai:


The bunkai herein is for kata that are well known outside Kyokushin (Kanku, Seienchin, Pinan/Heian, basic blocks, Saiha). I hope there will be some videos for kata exclusive to Kyokushin (Tsuki no kata, Yantsu, Garyu, Gekisai Sho) or katas that have been modified beyond recongnition in Kyokushin (Seipai, Sushiho/Gojushiho). 

By the way, is Howard Collins Shihan still famous in the UK?



Andrzej J
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He was pretty well known when I started Kyokushin in the UK way back in the 80s. The first book I ever read about karate technique was Steve Arneil's 'Modern Karate' (published in 1974), and there are a bunch of pics of a younger Howard Collins in there. I found his web site myself recently ... Wish there was more than just the beginning of the katas explained though ...

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Howard is based in Sweden and has been for many years, he is part of the Shin Kyokushin group, and yes he is still well known in the UK, especially amongst the older fraternity!! wink