On Sunday 21st January 2024 I will be teaching an open seminar in Sidcup, Kent! The theme of the seminar will be the Tekki / Naihanchi series! We will look at the methods of the first kata and how they are expanded upon and developed in the Nidan and Sandan versions. The original kata Naihanchi / Tekki Shodan was brought into karate by Sokon Matsumura. The Nidan and Sandan versions were developed by his student Anko Itosu (also the originator of the Pinan / Heian series of kata). Not all styles practise all three versions and no prior knowledge of the kata is needed. The seminar will run from 11am to 3pm and take place at Cleeve Park Secondary School, Bexley Lane, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4JN. The cost is £35 per person. To secure your place please contact the host (Amelia Senft) via ameliasenft@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday, January 21, 2024 - 11:00 to 15:00