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The website of the World Combat Association. Iain Abernethy 7th Dan is the Chief International Coach for the WCA. Geoff Thompson 8th Dan and Peter Consterdine 9th Dan are the joint Chief Instructors. As the name suggests, the WCA has a worldwide membership and it is the organisation all pragmatically minded karateka should be members of!

The Adaptive Karate website of John Johnston:  "Adaptive Karate is neither a style nor a concept. It can mean different things to different people. For myself, I see it as being able to use martial techniques, taken from my Shotokan background, as well as being able to incorporate other martial arts and karate styles that I’ve studied over these past years and making them practical and effective in highly emotional situations".

bunkai jutsu network germany

The Bunkai Jutsu Network is a coalition of several instructors and groups in Germany dealing with practical Karate and other Martial Arts. We meet each other at different seminars or at our regular meetings which take place twice a year at different locations in Germany. Our special highlights are the seminars with Iain Abernethy. We even had a first residential course with Iain in Germany and plan to have more. Our motto is learning with each other and from each other. Therefore our meetings are open for all martial arts and give the opportunity for everybody to bring something to it, discuss and show new ideas and get feedback from experienced martial artists. Beside this it is simply fun to train and work with like-minded people.

Nahe-Te is a Karate school based on the Shotokan style. This efficient self defense system is mainly influenced by Iain Abernethy’s four steps of learning kata. The syllabus contains elements of physical fitness, body coordination and mechanics, mental training, historical background, fighting skills and self protection. Sticky hands and Bunkai as tought by Master Kit Sién Tjong are also included and an important element. The Nahe-Te approach was compiled by Carsten Schmitt and recognized by the WCA for meeting requirements of a practical self defense system. The group is based in Idar-Oberstein and part of the Bunkai Jutsu Network Germany.

Don Came is a 7th dan in Kissaki-Kai karate. Don Came has been actively involved in the martial arts since 1976. He has acted as a civilian instructor for a Metropolitan Police karate club and taught successful self-defence courses for the Crime Prevention Office in South London. In demand as a freelance physical intervention consultant, Don regularly provides specialised training courses for companies in the private sector.

The blog of Torfinn K. Opedal: This is a blog about my life and thoughts. I am a blind martial artist with 2. Dan in ITF Taekwondo. I have had ups and downs like everyone, and Martial Arts really helps me get through the times when I'm down. I hope my blog may help others.

Karatepraxis – Modern Tradition! We’re going to take the highly important values of karate-do to the present time and deal with the requirements of a traditional martial-art in the 21th century. Our aim is, together with our friends, to provide an attractive karate that brings a lot new students to all the clubs here and there. We do not focus on the competitive-sports-side of karate, but on the defending and fighting side. Our aim is to bring functional techniques, moves, and drills (out of Kata) to all our students at all ages. Karate is a mindboggling martial art when you feel and experience that what you’ve learned has a real impact in working with partners.

Richard Barnes is a martial artist, web genius, blogger, fitness inspiration, motivational podcaster, teller of bad jokes and all round renaissance man! One of life’s true originals and we should all spend a little of our time on “Planet Richard”.

The Vale Studio located just 90 minutes from Sydney is a unique and specialist training facility set on 40 spectacular acres. Dedicated to the practice of the eastern arts in nature, we invite traditional martial artists of all styles to hold their special classes or events at a very special venue that has been designed and built for them.

Peter Consterdine, a 9th Dan Black Belt in karate, has over 40 years experience in the martial arts. A former Great Britain and England International, and a professional bodyguard, he is acknowledged as one of the country’s leading experts in self-protection.

Goshin Karate Association aim is to research and restore the pragmatic/holistic martial art of traditional Karate.  The organisation strives to form an association between Karate styles in order to create a unified identity. Students of Goshin Karate follow a syllabus consisting of Kihon, Kata, Nagewaza, Kansetsu and Tegumi.  Technique is pressure tested and even though there is no emphasis on competition, students that wish to test their skills enter the UK Kudo Championships. Students practice full contact sparring which incorporates groundwork.

Forrest E. Morgan is the author of five books and a coauthor of several others. He practiced Asian martial arts for 30 years and is the author of Living the Martial Way, which has been described as a classic in martial arts philosophy. His first novel, Waking the Snow Leopard, was recently released and is now available in print and ebook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ibook, and other quality booksellers.

Ben Pethick is a full time martial arts instructor based in West London. Crouching Tiger Karate classes follow a Shotokan style and the club has a strong emphasis on self-defence and personal safety as well as catering for competition/sport Karate. Classes are fun, the people are friendly, all ages and abilities are welcome.

Spartan Martial arts prides itself on being a company who stands out from the rest by selling products that are designed BY martial artists FOR martial artists. The company has a wealth of knowledge of many forms of martial arts, which when it comes to their equipment and their Custom Service (A Spartan speciality) you can be sure your products are of the highest standard and quality.

Based in Birmingham (UK), Andrew Rheeston Karate is a Wado-Ryu based system which emphasis the cross over of this art into practical self protection training without compromising the value of the Wado Style.  In addition to our wado based syllabus we also teach impact, self protection and kata application training.

Kudo Wales is a branch of Kudo Daido Juku UK led by Shihan Anas.  Kudo is a mixed Budo sport comprising of full contact punches, kick, throws and submission techniques on the ground.  Kudo Wales actively encourages students of all martial arts to attend training sessions. Kudo has its origins in Kakuto Karate (Combat Karate) but it is not just a mixed fighting system it is a life-long sport, system for youth education, method of self-defence and health maintenance for adults.

The Karate for Life Foundation is a registered not-for-profit corporation whose aim is to promote life skills development and battle HIV/AIDS in Uganda and beyond through the mental and physical training inherent in the practice of the martial arts.

The British Karate Association was founded in 1964 and since that time it has maintained its place as a true multi-style association. Three key points make the BKA a popular choice for instructors of all styles; the absence of an overall chief instructor, whilst being able to offer high ranking 'Senior Instructors' in every style for guidance and help; 'No' bias toward any one particular style and the freedom of autonomy with the backup and help of the BKA if needed. We can offer our instructors all the help and guidance they may need in every style of martial arts from within our own set of high ranking instructors. We are able to offer a unique licensing system for our instructors, we hold a black belt grading every two months. We also offer insurance service enabling you to fill you obligations to your students and teach and train with peace of mind.

The website of the British Combat Association. The BCA is the UK's leading multi-style association, with a specific slant towards close-quarter combat and self-protection. Peter Consterdine 8th Dan and Geoff Thompson 7th Dan are joint chief-instructors of this pioneering organisation.peace of mind.

This website is devoted to Practical Karate: the applied use of Karate techniques for the purpose of effective self protection, along with analyses of training methods and combative principles in support of this aim.  The site is intended as a hub for students searching for books, articles and ideas in the following fields: effective technique applications and kata bunkai, combat psychology and physiology, combative principles, training methods, sports science, combative drills and karate history. The site hosts articles by a number of well known martial arts writers and links to recommended books.

Lee Taylor is a full time professional karate instructor based in the county of Powys, Wales. He has a real passion for teaching and training in karate and endeavours to improve his skills, knowledge and understanding of karate. Lee teaches a strong traditional standard of karate, with a solid realism and furthers his training with the UK’s leading authorities on self protection and kata applications, Geoff Thompson, Iain Abernethy and Al Peasland.

Matty Evans and Tony Somers both 5th Dans with the BCA have launched The Real Combat System. This system is largely based around the teachings of the legendary Geoff Thompson. All of the techniques have been pressure tested in the reality arena. The aim of our teaching is to help you to grow and develop, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Through this syllabus we aim to take you on a journey of self-development that will eventually lead you to where ever you want to go. It is our aim to teach you the best self-protection techniques that are around today. We will do this in a safe and friendly environment. You will make life long friends. You will learn the art of fighting with out fighting. We also believe that although martial arts is the vehicle the real journey takes place in the mind and as such we will help you to develop a strong and unbreakable will, overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs along the way. The Real Combat System is closely affiliated to the British Combat System and as such you will be expected to become a member of the BCA.

Chujo Karate Assocation is a Northern Ireland based group with clubs in Ballymena, Rasharkin, Portglenone, Ballymoney and Coleraine.  Chief Coach is Dan Redmond.  Wadoryu karate is the core art practised.  Branching out from the core art, the group also train in reality-based crossed training using complimentary self-protection skills to deal with modern day acts of aggression.  CKA maintains close ties with Iain Abernethy. Email  Tel 07976987696

The aim of the Genjitsu Karate Kai is to provide traditional karate training; not in a competition format but in the way it was originally intended - as a civilian self protection system. We aim to teach karate as a full art covering all ranges of combat. This, coupled with correct principals of zanshin (awareness), should equip our students to face the ever growing threats of violence in today’s society. Our Chief Instructor, Andi Kidd is one of the fe 'full instructors' with Iain Abernethy who said 'Andi is one of the most impressive bunkai teachers I have worked with....'

The website of Alan Peasland and CSP (Complete Self Protection). CSP was founded to bring a new dimension to the world of Martial Arts and Self Defence. Focusing on the latest self defence techniques and concepts, CSP provides a fun and efficient way of learning effective skills that can better equip you to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a violent confrontation. More importantly, CSP training methods encourage self discovery and enable you to better understand how you manage stressful and fearful situations. Improved motivation and self awareness combined with increased self-discipline and self-control will give you the confidence to chase your dreams and turn them into successes.

Professor Anderson is the director and chief instructor of Dan Anderson Karate and has a 7th Degree Black Belt in Karate, a 6th Degree Black Belt (Senior Master) in Filipino Modern Arnis, and an 8th Degree Black Belt in MA-80. He is a 4 time national karate champion, having won over 70 Grand Titles! He has been honoured by inclusion into the Karate Living Legends, a lifetime achievement honour, being one of the 50 most influential martial artists in the 40 year history of tournament karate. Prof. Anderson has authored a number of books covering Karate sparring, Modern Arnis, disarming techniques, joint-locks, weaponless fighting techniques, etc. Professor Anderson's books are highly recommended!

John Skillen is one of the UK's leading martial artists and a legendary (ex-) streetfighter / doorman. John has trained extensively with Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine and a host of other world-renowned instructors. He has trained in the martial arts for over 30 years: Greco Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Black belt Kickboxing, Black Sash Kung Fu, Black belt Judo, A.B.A Coach, B.C.A full Coach, Former National Judo champion, Former Amateur Boxer, and over 20 years involvement with nightclub and venue security.

The official website of Kakuto-ryu Jujutsu founded by Kyoshi Ron Breines, a martial arts practitioner and student since 1968. KJJ is a combat / self defense oriented, organic melding of Okinawan Karate, Japanese Jujutsu, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Kodokan (classical) Judo. The KJJ curriculum is designed to change over time so that like waves on the shore, new ideas will flow in as obsolete ones flow into the vast sea of martial arts concepts to be whirled around and revitalized with the incoming tide. KJJ is a porous art continually bringing in elements of many arts with the equalizing force being kata bunkai.

We are a traditional karate club based in the south west of Scotland, a forward thinking club focusing on practical applied karate. Nonpolitical and not for profit. Chief Instructor Jamie Gray has been studying Martial arts for over 30 years, Shito-Ryu Karate, Judo, Aikido, Jutsu, Combat Kickboxing and ground fighting amongst others. Jamie is also a full instructor under Iain’s Bunkai-Jutsu System. Have a look at our website for more details.

Goran Powell is a martial arts writer and author of ‘Waking Dragons’. He holds the rank of 4th Dan in Goju Ryu and teaches and trains at Daigaku Karate Kai London. Check his website for details of forthcoming titles.

Self-defence and self-confidence for everyone. The aim is to help people saving their dignity, their health, their family and other people who need help. To turn people into "heroes" who stand by somebody in distress.

John Brawn is Ireland's leading self defence and self protection instructor. His courses and his website have been featured on TV3, The Gerry Ryan Show, The Irish Times and on Channel 4. Almost every national daily and Sunday paper has covered John's work. John gives seminars and workshops in subjects from self defence and fitness to assertiveness and body language throughout Ireland and the UK. His work is highly recommended.

Hard Target Self Defence Systems was founded by Aidan Carroll in 2005. The system is based on Aidan's real life experiences dealing with hostile people and situations. Aidan spent many years as a door supervisor in Dublin's night clubs and pubs. He combines these experiences with over 20 years of continuous training in various martial art and reality based systems. He provides regular classes throughout Ireland and delivers seminars and workshops worldwide.

The website of Marc and Dianna McYoung. Superb website covering all aspects of no nonsense self-defence. Mr McYoung has extensive firsthand experience of what does and does not work for self-defence and his work is highly recommended.

FFMA (fighting fit martial arts) is a striking martial arts system that provides students with practical self protection, fitness development and sense of well being. The system uses numerous pad drills, sparring and a combination of fitness and strength exercises to enhance the students overall capabilities, general health and confidence. Two of the key players behind FFMA are Tony Terranova and Alan McDonald. Iain has trained alongside both men and their approach is highly recommended.

The website of Gavin Mulholland and the London branch of Daigaku Karate Kai.Gavin has travelled extensively throughout Asia; training in Japan , Thailand , Indonesia and China in a variety of martial arts. Gavin was awarded the rank of Godan in 2002 by the one time student of E'ichi Miyazato, Shihan Rick Woodhams of the Okinawan Martial Arts Association. Kyoshi Kim of the Sobo Bukai No Kai subsequently awarded Gavin the title of 'Shihan'. Gavin has made several TV and film appearances, published numerous articles on the Martial Arts, and is a regular instructor for Meido Ltd, a company specialising in Bodyguard, Close Protection and Door Supervisor courses throughout the UK.

Loren Christensen is the prolific author of 31 books and hundreds of articles on the martial arts, self-defense, law enforcement, nutrition, prostitution, and post traumatic stress disorder. His book On Combat, which he co-authored with Lt .Col. Dave Grossman, is mandatory reading at the United States War College in Washington, DC. Loren began his martial arts training in 1965, earning 10 black belts over the years, 7 in karate, 2 in jujitsu, and 1 in arnis. He is a retired police officer with 29 years experience in military and civilian law enforcement, where he specialized in street gangs, defensive tactics, and dignitary protection. Loren's website has links to his books, videos, and a sampling of interesting articles.

Since 1993, West Seattle Karate Academy has been providing instruction in Gojo-Ryu Karate and the martial arts in the Seattle , WA area. Instructors at this club include Kris Wilder & Lawrence Kane: coauthors of the superb book "The Way of Kata". Kris Wilder is also the author of "Lessons from the Dojo Floor". (Xlibris 2003) He started practicing the martial arts at the age of fifteen. Over the years, he has earned black belt rankings in three styles, Goju-Ryu karate (4th dan), tae kwon do (2nd dan), and judo (1st dan), in which he has competed in senior national and international tournaments. Lawrence Kane is the author of "Martial Arts Instruction" (YMAA 2004) and Surviving Armed Assaults (YMAA 2006). Over the last 30 or so years, he has participated in a broad range of martial arts. He has also completed seminars in modern gun safety, marksmanship, handgun retention and knife combat techniques, and he has participated in slow-fire pistol and pin shooting competitions. Since 1985 Lawrence has supervised employees who provide security and oversee fan safety during college and professional football games at a Pac-10 stadium. This job has given him a unique opportunity to appreciate violence in a myriad of forms.

We are a family run, non-profit making Karate club in Grove near Wantage, Oxfordshire. At Grove Martial Arts we teach traditional Goju Ryu Karate as the all-encompassing, practical, self-protection system it was originally designed to be. All techniques, principles and tactics are pressure tested through scenario training and realistic drills designed to teach the student how to cope with the stresses and realities of street confrontation. Great emphasis is placed on body conditioning and physical fitness but all training is tailored to the individual and is progressive. Train hard, fight easy!

DART provides training in personal safety and confrontation management. DART is a physiology and psychology based training system designed to develop and enhance the necessary survival skills to negate, survive and escape violence. The DART training method is based upon combining practical fighting techniques with information gained from studies in physiology, psychology and violent crime. In addition to self protection courses DART is the home of Coach John Titchen's Heian Flow System method of training Karate bunkai and a resource for martial artists searching for articles on traditional and practical Karate training methods.

Kensei Ryu is a personal art in development. It emphasizes the aspect of Mushin no shin, and consists mainly of 2-partner core drills, stolen, developed and inspired by the Philippine, Chinese and Japanese traditional martial arts. Here you will find a brief overview of some of the branches which has inspired the collection of Kensei Ryu - also some of the worlds greatest personalities within the martial arts and the ones who have inspired the developer in the past, present and hopefully also will continue in the future.

The website of JUN Japanese Gifts & Souvenirs. On this great site you can find items that are uniquely Japanese and Oriental. From custom made hanko (name stamps), kimono, yukata, and folding fans to geta sandals and noren curtains. This Japanese gift shop has been designed in such a way that visitors to this site can not only shop for Japanese culture-related items but also get a glimpse of everyday life in Japan through their "Culture Pages". Don't forget to pick up your free gifts on your way out! Highly recommended.

The Eikoku Satori Karate-Do Kyokai is a karate research group based on the edge of the Western Lake District, England. Their emphasis lies in the application of what they describe as 'Traditional Adaptable Karate' by seeking to uncover (in a pragmatic way) the functional aims of the art's original perceived intent and equating to the art's core principles and movements. Chris Denwood is the Chief Instructor of the E.S.K.K. The E.S.K.K attempts to help restore the malleability that the art originally held as a system to greatly improve self-protection skills, build a strong character and allow for greater personal expression. Iain regards Chris as one of the most thoughtful and analytical martial artists that he knows.

The website of Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy and Stuart Anslow. Stuart and his school are well known in the martial arts (and Taekwon-do) world and this site features many videos, pictures and a wealth of unbiased information and articles on Taekwon-do and the art as it is meant to be. Stuart is also the author of "Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul" and a "Combat Hall of Fame" awardee.

The website of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts and Jamie Chipperfield Clubb. Jamie has studied a wide variety of martial arts and his engaging and insightful writing is regularly featured in the UK 's leading martial arts magazines. Clubb Chimera Martial Arts covers practical modern self-defence before going onto exploring the various martial arts systems.

The website of Huddersfield Cobras Freestyle Karate Club. The Cobras have been around since 1999. They are a small family club, and have produced many success stories around the Huddersfield and Holmfirth areas. The chief instructor of this group is Richard Hardy, who is a long time regular of Peter Consterdine's Thursday morning "Training Day" sessions. Iain and Richard regularly train together at these sessions and Iain highly recommends Richard to all those seeking martial instruction.

Patrick McCarthy is recognised world wide as one of the foremost authorities on the civil fighting traditions of Okinawa. At 7th Dan, Kyoshi, he is one of the highest-ranking Westerners in the Dai Nippon Butokukai, Japan’s prestigious traditional martial arts organisation. A well-known historical researcher, instructor, and former tournament champion, Mr McCarthy is also the author of many illuminating books.

Tony Annesi, a martial artist since 1964, has earned dan-ranks in judo, aiki-ju-jutsu and karate. He is chief officer of Bushido-Kai Kenkyukai, an organisation dedicated to the development of traditional martial arts in the modern world. Shihan Annesi has produced a number of very interesting videos and books on kata and their application, aiki-ju-jutsu and sogo budo (integrated martial arts).

The website of the Chojinkai Karate Assocaition and its Chief Instructor, Sensei Doug James 7th Dan WKF. Sensei James started training in 1967 and is regarded as one of Britain 's Senior and Most Respected Professional Instructors. He is a former Senior World Referee with the WKF (The World Karate Federation) and a Board Director of the EKGB Ltd (The English Karate Governing Body).

Bridgwater Bushi Karate Club has been in existence for over 32 years. They offer expert tuition in Karate and self defense. They have our own dojo that is complete with all the facilities required for safe and comfortable training. Their main focus is Wado Ryu Karate and Self Defense courses. Sensei Andrew Daly has been training for over Thirty Two years and has been lucky enough to train all over the world. He lived in mainland China for a year and trained in Kung Fu near Canton and a blend of Karate and Kung Fu in Hong Kong. He moved back to the UK in 1996 and trained for two years in Shotokan and Freestyle Karate in Yorkshire; this gave him a greater understanding of Karate, Kata Bunkai and Kumite. Iain Abernethy is a regular visitor to the dojo and highly recommends Andrew and his group.