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The World Combat Assocation is Live! (video)

For a while now I’ve been telling you about the organisation that Peter Consterdine 9th dan & I have been working on to internationally cater for pragmatically biased martial artists like you. Here in Britain the British Combat Association (BCA) has fulfilled this role for almost 20 years; but there has been nothing to cater the huge international network that we all know exists. People who have been following what I do for a while will also recall my SATMA idea (Society of Applied Traditional Martial Arts) to address this issue.  Having discussed the problems with Peter we decided that combining the BCA with the SATMA concept to produce the World Combat Association (WCA) was the way to go. The good news is that the WCA website is now up and running and you can download information packs from that website! Here is a quick video explaining what the WCA is all about and there will be more information to follow! (Please also check out the extra information below).

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PS For more information Download the WCA brochure pdf and the Application forms from the link here - WCA Info Pack and WCA App Form1 or WCA App Form 2

Extra information:

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