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Crossing the Pond: Nicholas Yang Video!

Hi All,

A few weeks ago I added some videos to this website about the Crossing the Pod seminars in the UK and the USA in August! Well, I now have a new video from Nicholas Yang! The first weekend of seminars will take place in Seattle in the USA (14th and 15th of August) and the second weekend will take place a week later in Coventry in the UK (21st and 22nd of August).

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Extreme Impact Out Take

Hi All, Here’s a quick clip from the filming of the first set of Extreme Impact Downloads.

Those who have seen the downloads will know that Steve and I take turns when demonstrating and to explain each of the drills … well on this one I forgot it was my turn! Watch carefully for the shifty sideways glances from Steve and me!

Thankfully, the editing removes all such cock-ups from the final program!


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