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This forum is dedicated to an exchange of ideas relating to the practical application of Okinawan and Japanese kata. Increase
your understanding of kata whilst helping others to do the same.

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MMA Commentator Discusses Saifa Bunkai

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Shotokan kuzushi waza

Hi All,

Here are a nice series of videos on Shotokan’s “kuzushi waza” as performed by both Keinosuke Enoeda & Lyoto Machida. Looks like a "lower block" to me :-)

Keinosuke Enoeda

Instruction on the Takedown

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My Top 10 Applications for Nami-Gaeshi

In one of the karate study groups I am a part of, we recently had a discussion about applications for the nami-gaeshi (returning wave) movement found in Naihanchi, as well as some versions of Passai, Kusanku, Seisan, and more. I decided to set up my camera and quickly run through the first 10 applications I could think of. There were more, but they were too subtle to show in such a short video.

1. Ko-Soto-Gari (Minor Outer Reap)

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Heian Shodan / Pinan Nidan Drills

Hi everyone,

my teacher Siggi and I recorded two of our drills for Heian Shodan / Pinan Nidan last week. I hope you like them.

Regards Holger

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Some videos for the Kyokushin dudes

Hello all,

Out of nostalgia, I searched for videos of bunkai for Kyokushin kata. Although I there seem to be very few resources for Kyokushin, I found some interesting videos.

Damian Laszuk's Youtube channel

I know Iain Abernethy had posted links to some of his videos before but, not only does Lazsuk explain the katas, he also explains the IFK's (Steve Arneil's organization) kihon.  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCWLB0HBjFl5r6h7nzPlAyQ/videos

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Kanku-Dai Application

Here is a look at a sequence from Kanku-Dai. Most people look at this as catching a kick and dumping an opponent on the ground, which works great. I wanted to look at other possibilities.

Thanks for watching


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Adapting a kata into practice

If you were going to practice a kata for the bunkai benefit from another style, would you try to learn it as is from another style or adapt to your present style.  (By adapt, I mean use the basics as nuanced for your present style, like if you did Isshin Ryu, do vertical punches instead of full twist.)

I come from a TKD background that used simplified ITF/Chang Hon forms, I learned the Shotokan Pinan and Naihanchi at one point and now practice Kajukenbo.

I am learning toward adapting it to Kajukenbo, but I was just curious what opinions either way there were.

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Since Iain has been featuring Bassai Kata...

It's been a little while, but I wanted to throw out another Bassai application. I hope you all find it interesting and usefull. Thanks for watching!



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Naihanchi bunkai

While looking around on the internet I stumbled across this school that calls themselves Kodo Ryu.  They have a youtube channel and a blog.  What fascinates me about them is that they are clearly interested in interpreting kata in a pragmatic way, but their methodology and philosophy are somewhat distinct from what we tend to find here.  I was so intrigued, that after discovering this group, I promptly sent their member who runs the blog a lengthy e-mail and I am currently in an extended correspondence with that person.  So far they only have bunkai for Naihanchi  demonstrated on their yout

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Passai Sho, Naihanchi Nidan, Naihanchi Sandan

Hello everyone,

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