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This forum is dedicated to an exchange of ideas relating to the practical application of Okinawan and Japanese kata. Increase
your understanding of kata whilst helping others to do the same.

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Ju no kata



I love this kata what do you think of it etc

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A Few Thoughts On A Mabuni Quote

This post doesn't have any specific aim, rather it is just a few thoughts I had after reading something that Mabuni wrote regarding Kata and Bunkai. Really I just wanted to see if anyone else wanted to share and maybe add some clarity to what is a disporadic collection thoughts. 

I imagine that this is not the first time that anyone has seen this quote, so I am not putting out as a great find or anything like that.

For a very short lived publication called Karate Research Mabuni wrote a few articles, one of which contained the following:

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Wrong Bunkai


I was approached the other day by one of my Students who is a Black Belt and whom I have teaching Heian Godan Bunkai. He has been training at another club in our association which they can do. One of their Black Belts went over Heian Godan and my student proceeded to do the version I had shown him. He was told that my version would not work and is wrong.

The version I showed him was the Block, punch and neck crank that Iain has shown on his app, videos etc. This is the first section of Godan.

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Initiative In Kata

In Wado Ryu there is a priciple regarding initiative which I am sure people already know, but I will list them anyway:

Go No Sen – “Late Initiative.” Accepting and blocking an attack and countering after.

Sen No Sen – Meeting an attack with a simultaneous counter.

Sen Sen No Sen – “First Initiative.” Anticipating an attack and acting pre-emptively.

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Bunkai/Applications for Tekki-Nidan / Naihanchi-Nidan

Hi everybody,

recently after a training session we tried to find some practical applications for the kata Tekki-Nidan aka Naihanchi-Nidan. This is what we came up with.

The purpose of the video is that we can remember what we did. It is not ment for instruction. Anyway I thought, I'd share our ideas, in case somebody might find them useful. :)

All the best,


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Empi kata application

Hi all, 

I'm sharing a video put together of a good friend of mine teaching a seminar on Empi. His channel has a lot of very practical and efffective kata application.






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Kata - Chinese Roots but Un-Chinese Applications


I have just joined but could not see a welcome section, so I will introduce myself here. Konbanwa!

I practice Wado Ryu as well as a mixed martial art based on Wing Chun with a bit of Shotokan thrown in; the two martial arts the instructor practices.

I have started to find that with the more Chinese based techniques I learn a lot of my Wado Ryu starts to make more sense. It occured to me the other day that many Kata orginate from Chinese martial arts, but often the applications that are commonly taught are very Un-Chinese-like (un-Kung Fu like).

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Pinan Yondan/Kusanku Bunkai from Seminar

Hello, everyone,

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"Elbow Wing" Oyo Bunkai vs. Front Choke

Hello, everyone,

This week, we take a look at how the awkward-seeming "elbow wing" motions found in kata like Pinan Sandan, Chinto, and Naihanchi Nidan, can be employed against a choke from the front. This can be just as well used against any body or head level linear attack from the front, of course, and the choke is merely an idea to get you started working with it.

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Koryu Naihanchi application

Hi All,

Here is a short exercise teaching concepts and applications which can be applied within a close quarter clinch situation. It's important to note that these are concepts, rather than a series of applications which must be practiced in strict order. This exercise is simply one element of the whole Koryu Naihanchi boxing system and is not supposed to be a "do it exactly like this" lesson as that would be impractical against real and genuine resistance, however all elements are extremely effective within the exercise.



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