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Being in great physical and mental condition is a must for all martial artists. This forum is all about conditioning and developing high
levels of mental and physical fitness. The purpose of this forum is to help us all improve our training methods.

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The Mindless Exercise/ drill

The other day my wife said to me "If there are so many different variations of technique in each kata movement, what do I think about when I'm practicing kata how do I know when to apply each?"

This is refering specifically to the chudan uke, which pops up a lot in Seisan and is basically to me the core movement.

We did this exercise to help.

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Kongoken "Shock Exercise"

This is a short video taking a look at my favorite hojo-undo (supplementary training) exercise with the kongoken (iron loop). My kongoken is made of PVC filled with cement, and only weighs about half what an iron kongoken weighs, otherwise this would be very difficult to do. I call this a "shock" exercise, because it helps develop a short, "shocking" power through the whole body.

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Warm Ups

Listening to the latest podcast has made me think. Now I suspect that those of us that use this forum do so because of a shared way of thinking. This encompasses embracing changing, adapting or evolving training methods in the constant pursuit of the most effective way of training.

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Training drills for Adrenal effects

Hi All, I would like to share this training drill with you and ask two questions. First can you have a go and let me know what you think. Second do anyone have any other drills I could use or ideas on how to refine/improve this one. 

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BB Curriculum & Hicks Law

Who would like to share what their BB cirriculum looks like for reality based training. I'm looking to get new ideas and compare what I'm doing in the hopes to making things better. I can say I try and keep things effective yet at the same realistic and simple.  For example, when it comes to throwing I cover Funakoshi's 9 with some variation's because I think that's enough material in that area.

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Full contact training. Do you do it? Why?

Do you practice full contact training (sparring/ partner drills) and why do you practice them?

Another post got me thinking that people probably train this way for a variety of reasons, and I was just curious to hear some to expand my own knowledge base.



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A different view on "body hardening"

The view of body hardening or conditioning, whatever you want to call it, is usually that of forging your body into "iron." The idea that you are forging your body into a tool by making it harder. I don't really believe this, but I have come to think of a different reason for practicing it, in a very limited and controled manner.

I believe it can be a replacement for full contact sparring.

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What are your interesting ways to practice kata?

I'm not sure if it's interesting, but I'll practice kata with a book on my head every one and awhile. I started doing it to keep myself from raising up when I moved through the kata to keep my energy (bodyweight) moving in the direction I want it to go. The book falls off easier with an up and down motion.

What are some fun things you guys like to do?

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scenario training

I've read a lot of people's stuff on scenario training over the years, so I already have some ideas on it. However, i'm going to finally finish a full suit for scenario training, the hardest part being creating the "helmet" part, the rest is put together from GART and Bogu gear.

I am wondering if people who this kind of training have some simple template scernarios to start off with, and also if you have specific advice for student who are more timid to get them going.

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Karate shortens your lifespan

Wasn't sure if this should go in self protection instead... Apparently karate training may not be as healthy as we suspect. High ranking karate masters historically tended not to live as long as we might have thought, and different styles have different effects so it appears to be training habit related.

My experience is of almost constant low level injury, particularly as the training sessions intensity increase.

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