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re Dojo in London near Lancaster Gate


I am an Aussie and 4th Kyu in Shotokan karate and would like to train in a dojo that accepts visitors.

I will be in London from the 3rd October until 2.11 being the conclusion of the RWC and I will be based near Lancaster Gate.

Is there anyone that can help?

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Pragmatic karate clubs in London for my student

Hi All, one of my students is moving to London for work. Shoreditch and Hackney areas. He wants to continue his training while there, he would like to find a pragmatic club with a simular approach to Iain's. Any help is appreciated. 

Regards Graham Palmer

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Training partner jakarta

Ok so I know most of the guy who read this are UK or USA based. However, is there anyone here based in jakarta. Moved here a while ago and I need a training partner


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Karate in Bradford?

Hey folks, 

Just a question, recently moved to Bradford and interested learning Kyokushinkai Karate. Does anyone know of any clubs or instructors in the area? There is a Leeds/Wakefield club but it runs on a Wednesday evening which I'm unable to attend due to work!! 

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Dojo in Weston, Florida

Hi everyone

Two of my students (7 and 10 years old, 8th kyu) are moving from Switzerland to the US, Weston FL 33326. Could anyone recommend a good karate dojo in that area?

Thanks for your help!


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Good Shotokan Dojos in South West London/Surrey?

Hi Everyone, 

Ian kindly pulled me into the forums to ask this question here!

I'm looking for a new Dojo in South West London / Surrey area, someone preferably practicing practical application of karate and kata. 

Can anyone help? 

Thank you in advance! 


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What brand of gi is your favorite? Striking/grappling hybrid needed!

I teach a combination of kickboxing (Muay Thai with a lot of clinching) and karate. In the karate class we practice the kata and spent at least as much time working on throws, trips, grabs, from the bunkai. We also put some time in on practical self-defense. My students have never worn a gi. I have, my original training was in Tang Soo Do, but when I opened my school, it didn't make sense to wear gis. When I started adding more applications from the kata (inspired by Iain's work) I realized our t-shirts and shorts weren't ideal training attire.

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Help and Support Wanted: 50 State Challenge

50 State Challenge

Message from Gretchen Carlson

Greetings fellow martial artists,

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In search of single kata practioners

I'm trying to find other people like myself that practice a single kata.

I've come to realize that the way I practice karate has very different challenges than those who frequent a dojo. I've found it sometimes difficult to speak to other practioners, because our experiences are so different.

I can't be the only one to practice in this manner, so I'd like some help trying to find them.

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New dojo opening in my area

I noticed today that there is a new dojo opening in my area in the UK which is connected to Karate Jutsu Kai. I popped in and spoke to the Sensei while he was getting it all ready before opening the dojo in a few weeks and it seems to be a derivative of Kyokushin Kai. I know that this association have clubs in Europe and are connected to Kancho Bernard Creton who formed this particular branch.

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