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Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to members new and old! Please post a few lines to introduce yourself to all other members!

It would be great if people would make their first post their introduction. It’s only polite, after all :-)

All the best,


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hi people.

i got asked for some advice but really dont have knowledge of this subject and wondered if anyone can give me advice.

spiked/drugged drinks,how to stay safe or spot them and what to do if you believe you have been a victim of this.

thanks inadvance 

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A club with no equipment?

Inspired by the recent article about Karate in the public school system, I began thinking about ways I could make this a reality in the near future at my school. However, I begin thinking about logistics of what is required equipment-wise for a good quality martial arts program and contrasting that with the likely limited funding available in a lower-income school district.

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Can any system be adapted to self defence


was musing today about different curriculums and the purpose behind individual arts.

It would seem that to make Karate or Taekwondo a self defence system is, for want of a better term, relativley easy because that was its original purpose the sport application came later and argueably uses only a fraction of the arts' syllubus if any. By this i mean that the core of Karate was selfdefence it was then applied to fighting. People, like Iain, are now bringing it back to the origin.

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Information / Thoughts on Hand and Forearm Strikes

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on, or can point in in the direction of any information regarding Karate hand and forearm strikes, with regards to my points below.

The punch is often seen as the primary hand strike but I am wondering if this was actually the case with Karate in its formative years. I have seen threads on here where it has been discussed that punches to the face and head do present a high risk of injury to the hand, and I guess that this was something that was understood at the time Karate was being developed.

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Hi all,

Quick question, I'm looking at decking out the full dojo floor we have with interlocking mats.

Apparently karate folk use a thickness of 20mm mats coloured red and blue, however, you can get the same mats in different colours but that are 40mm thick, the advice from the mat supplier is 40mm tends to be more for jiu jitsu, judo and not so much impact arts like taekwondo and karate.

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Attending seminars outside your style/association

Hi all.

What is the etiquette when attending a seminar outside of your own association?

For example, let's say the only suit you own is branded up with your club's logos etc. Do you still wear it, other do you how in a t shirt and bottoms instead? Or do you buy an unbranded gi just for such purposes?

Do you wear your normal belt? Mine means nothing outside of my association. I presume that's the same for everyone.

And for those of us more familiar with Korean terminology and etiquette, will we be left a bit stuck in a Japanese style event?

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What can MMA learn from TMA?

I would guess that most of us have some sort of rule in our licence which states that if we do anything to bring our club or our art into disrepute our membership will be cancelled.

MMA doesn’t seem to have anything like the same level of accountability though.  And I’m not just talking about the professional’s that generate millions for their organisations, I’m talking local amateurs too, although I’m not going to go into detail there.  Suffice to say if a TMA student did the same thing, they would be kicked out.

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Naihanchi opening sequence


This is my first attempt in awhile to put a video together. Looking for some constructive criticism. The editing is a bit rough, unfortunately an Iphone is all I have to work with. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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Funakoshi's Anxiety?

Hi all

I was going through Funakoshi's book “The Essence of Karate”. One sentence really caught my eye,

“As a child, I suffered from a very weak stomach until I started training in Karate…”

In the article I explore the possibility of Master Funakoshi suffering from anxiety.

What do you think? Is there more info about his illness?

Kind regards 


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