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Crime Stopped Using MMA

I think this started out as self protection (or protecting a friend/coworker) but got a little excessive.  But kind of cool to see a crime stopped.

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Violence & society research group

An intersting study of the violent injuries treated in walk in A&E departments.


2013 report:

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Against a larger and stronger opponent

A little about my history and then to the subject.

I have been training karate for about 6 years. The club where I train focuses mainly on kihon and kata. That is why I only recently (about year ago) discovered that karate is much more than kicks and punches. Now I have been studying lot's of locks, takedowns and practical kata bunkais.

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Men are 4000 percent less effective in fights than they think!

OK, so it’s a joke news report from the satirical website The Onion. Aside from the humour, there are three genuine points made here:

1, Most people do in fact have an inflated expectation of their abilities.

2 , Most people base their “understanding” of violence on TV, Movies and Combat Sports.

3, Many males mistakenly think “street fights” are “cool” and “manly”.

Please read the text below and then watch the video.

(WARNING: Video contains bad language!)

All the best,


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High Kick Drops Drunk Guy

I post this here for general amusement. I suppose if you:

- are facing a drunk guy with the reflexs of a large whale (check),

- have plenty of room (check),

- dressed in loose clothing (check),

- the steps right in your ma ai with his guard down (check).... might as well have a crack. smiley

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Don't let strangers strangle you! (“hugger mugger” metropolitan police footage)

Don’t let strangers talk to you about martial arts! It looks to me as if the victim of this attack willingly turned around so the mugger could demonstrate a strangle … he then wakes up minus his £5000 Rolex watch! Another example of why awareness training is key.

All the best,


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The lies of knife fighting

A superb article from Marc MacYoung on the lies of knife fighting:

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Canadian Self-Defence Law Changed

The law relating to self-defence in Canada was changed just over 1 year ago. Here is the link to the government website explaining it all:

Some of the key text is also copied below.

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ITV - Martial Arts : The Real Story

Found this on Youtube today (from around 2000).  Some great, insightful stuff from Geoff Thomspon from around 11 minutes onwards.  Can't believe I missed this first time around!

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Self Protection in a Care/Professional environment

Hi! Longtime reader and listener of podcasts, first-time poster. I was wondering, is there any good advice or methods for self protection in an environment that does not allow harming ones "opponent"? I work in an environment where things can get quite troublesome (ie physically aggressive) but because it is in the workplace and the aggressive parties are my clients or patients (not sure what the proper english term is).

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