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The Message is getting out there.


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One Punch Attacks & Awareness

I just read this article over the weekend. It goes to show how deadly one punch can be especially when taken by surprise. It also confirms how important awareness skills and training really are. Most of the vicitims in this article recieved life altering injuries and will never be the same from these random attacks. Apparently there have been close to 10 attacks that have taken place in the downtown Vancouver area in Canada the last couple of months.


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Good manners in self-protection

Hi All,

In the recent “Martial Virtues” podcast I touched upon how good manners and good character have a bearing on self-protection. I thought that particular aspect may make for a good thread as it’s a “do / jutsu” crossover point that I don’t see talked about very much. I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts and views on this.

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Training for Reality

Off the back of my recent video and the resultant comments, I'd like to ask how we train for the reality of violence in our respective dojo. I'm not referencing technique per se but how to include the chaos of actual combat, the physchology, the effects of adrenaline, the sudden-ness, the intent.

I've done Iain's KBS many times and love it. Hard work, great fun, productive. Yet I never feel any degree of threat due to (necessary) safety measures and that we're all friends in the room.

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Reality of Attacks

Video I've been think about for some time. Finally come together. Hope it makes you think.

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Pre-fight posturing ... changes when push comes to shove

Right off the bat, a warning: this video contains a lot of "f-bomb" swearing.  Watch at your discretion.

But that's not why I found it interesting.  

There's a lot that can be said about this video ... whether it's "self defence" or not ... about the posturing before a fight ...

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The importance of being honest

I have been thinking lately about what the most important thing in self protection is. Is it the style, your size, your ability? Or is it something that most people are brought to believe is the “best policy” - honesty?

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De-escalation Opportunity

As many of you know I run a number of open scenario training days a year to enable people from lots of different systems to safely put themselves in unpredictable self defence scenarios.  Although everyone is armoured in the scenarios a number of them are not designed to progress to physical violence and the opportunity is there for participants to de-escalate the situation by using common sense and appropriate positioning, body language, tone and verbal approaches.

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Parallel Technique in Victorian Era Self Defense

Saw this today and thought it was interesting.  It's an article on the book "Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies," written in the 19th century and I noticed it had many parallels to the self defence taught in the katas. Note the limb control:

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internet safety

this is getting alot of coverage on social media, i thought i would share here

Scary, very scary

Alot of the comments are aimmed at parent bu ithink we should be doing more do educate children. If something like this was shown in schools for example

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