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Movement, entries, strikes and takedowns.

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Is bullying "assault"

This thought comes from a friend who's son has been experiencing problems in school over the past few months. On the most recent ocassion there was no dispute as to the event; there was indisputedly an attack as opposed to a two-way teenage fight. The recent discussion on their Facebook wall lead to another friend raising the difference between bullying and assault to which I asked "is there a difference?" 

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Realistic & Reality


Whilst watching Iain's Training Matrix video, I made a personal connection to lots of videos\articles from people who are self protection practitioners/teachers, who criticize what we do here i.e.we have compliant partners , not reality, not fighting, never been in a fight whilst they've been in gangs, they're ex-military etc etc etc.

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Covering/entering for strikes or grappling



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Defensive strikes with head movement

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Muay Thai Clinch - Advice and for self defence?

Hi to all...

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Reasonable Force Case (UK News)

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Finishing blow after takedown

Hi everybody,

in sports kumite a takedown only scores points if it is finished with a punch. Here are some nice examples:


Now, I've seen several examples of similar finishing punches after a takedown in videos on practical bunkai (on this forum and elsewhere).

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Is This a Silly Self Defence Technique?

When in my teens someone told me that if I was being threatened and thought that it was going to come to blows, spit in the agressors eyes as a distraction and then kick them between the legs really hard and run away.

For years I thought it was quite a silly thing but now I wonder if actually it would be a simple and effective thing to do?

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Knife disarm techniques - counterproductive?

Hi all. In our syllabus, we have a set of techniques for defending against various knife attacks. While they are fun to practice in the company of trusted fellow students, with fake knives, I wonder if they are practical at all, or worse, if they are counterproductive.

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