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Kanku Dai / Kushanku Drill (video)

This drill was filmed at the seminar in Idar-Oberstein, Germany in November 2012. The drill is intended to act as an aid to memory and as time efficient form of practise for some of the applications associated with Kushanku / Kanku-Dai. This short clip can't convey how the drill is intended to sit in the totality of practise; nor can it capture all that was covered in the ten hours of practise at this seminar. Viewers need to appreciate that this short clip is not intended to be a substitute for in-depth instruction. It is nevertheless hoped that the clip is of interest.

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Wanshu / Enpi Bunkai (video)

This short clip was filmed at my dojo and shows an application sequence from Wanshu / Enpi kata. My voice was a little strained due to the fact I was recovering from a chest infection. That, combined with the natural echo of the room, make it hard to hear what I’m saying at times. Nevertheless, I hope what is being explained comes across clearly enough.

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A Pinan / Heian bunkai drill from Chuck Norris UFAF ITC (video)

This video shows a drill that I taught at Chuck Norris’s UFAF ITC in 2012. The drill was designed to be an “aide memoire” for a number of the individual techniques we had explored from the Pinan / Heian / Pyong-An series. By putting some of those techniques end to end like this in a single drill I hoped that it would make the techniques easier to recall and it would hopefully also help to illustrate that kata techniques should be applied in the order they are relevant; not necessarily in the order they appear within the kata.

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Takedowns Against Kicks (video)

In this video I show a few takedowns from kicks. This quick clip is taken from a full day of training on karate throws and takedowns; which included many throws from kata and older karate texts (i.e. “Funakoshi’s nine throws”, etc). This clip records some of the throws from kicks we covered on the day, but it needs to be appreciated that this is the “edited highlights” of that section and is hence this clip is not intended to be a replacement for detailed one-on-one instruction. I nevertheless hope the information in the clip is of interest and some use to all viewers.

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Cross-Buttocks Throw from Pinan Sandan (video)

This clip was filmed at a seminar in Montrose, Scotland in June 2012. It quickly shows a piece of throwing bunkai from Pinan Sandan. The clip also shows a variation on the throw which can be used as a bridge to ground fighting. Deliberately seeking the ground is never wise in self-protection due to the inherent vulnerability from attacks by third parties, a hard floor, etc.  However, such techniques can be used in on- on-one dojo fighting and hence have a place in training. The key is always to be mindful of context and use the right method in the right environment.

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Heian Kata Arm-Lock Escape & Flow Drill (video)

This video was filmed in Stuttgart, Germany in June 2012. It covers some general bunkai concepts and primarily looks at an arm-lock and associated escapes found within Heian Shodan (Pinan Nidan). The second part of the video also shows how a flow drill can be created by getting your partner to counter the counter, which is in turn countered using a motion found in Heian Yodan (Pinan Yodan). This is just a short impromptu clip taken from a full weekend of teaching. I nevertheless hope you find the information presented in the clip interesting and useful to you.

All the best,

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Knee Strikes (video)

Knees are found in the Pinan / Heian series, Naihanchi / Tekki, Gankaku / Chinto and many other kata. Sadly the methods recorded in the kata are often not extracted from the kata to be drilled effectively. Kata practise alone is not enough; we need to take the information recorded in kata and make practical use of it in training. To fulfil the purpose of kata, we need to take those knees and drill them with impact equipment and utilise them in sparring. In this short clip I share some thoughts on kneeing generally and the practise of knees on impact equipment.

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Age-uke, gyaku-zuki and leg scoop takedown (video)

This video shows bunkai for age-uke (“rising block”) and gyaku-zuki (reverse punch) against a clothing grab. It was filmed at the dojo during normal training. One thing to note is how the hiki-te (hand on the hip) is put to active use in controlling my partner’s arm and helping to open up targets. When looking at any movement in kata it is important that all parts of the movement are put to practical use: if a movement did not have a purpose it would not be in the kata.

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Restricted Punching Drill (video)

This quick video shows one on the many pad-drills I taught in Nuremburg, Germany in April 2012. The purpose of this drill is to make it difficult to generate power by having the striker hit from positions that limit the use and movement of the legs and hips. The holder is also required to present the pads at “non-standard angles” i.e. not perfectly straight, horizontal or vertical.

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Joint-Lock Escape and Counter (video)

This video was filmed at a seminar in Belgium where we explored karate locking, escapes from locks and counter-locking. It should be remembered that locking was once considered a fundamental part of karate.

Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan) wrote, “In karate, hitting, thrusting, and kicking are not the only methods, throwing techniques and joints locks are included … all these techniques should be studied referring to basic kata.”

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