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Karate Belt and Pad Conditioning Drills (video)

At this class we did some three-person conditioning drills. The way these work is that one person holds the pads, one person hits those pads, and the third person makes it as difficult as possible for the striker by pulling them at various angles with a belt; or pushing them backward for a given time.

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Kushanku / Kanku-Dai Bunkai: Strikes into Neck Crank (video)

This short video was filmed at a class in July 2011. It looks at an application for the sequences immediately following the first “spear hand” strike in Kushanku (Kanku-Dai).

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What angles mean and why things are in threes (video)

This video was filmed in July 2011 at Marc and Dianna MacYoung’s annual Animal List BBQ in Colorado, USA. I taught for a couple of hours on the Saturday where I covered general kata principles. This clip shows a little of our discussion on angles in kata and why things are in threes.

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The "Two-Hands" Principle (video)

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Extreme Impact 3 Part Pad-Drill: Week 3 Advanced (video)

Here is the third and final part of the three part technical pad drill. If you’ve not yet seen Parts 1 & 2 you should watch them first. You can view them via the links below:

Part 1 - Basic:

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Extreme Impact 3 Part Pad-Drill: Week 2 Intermediate (video)

Here is the second part of the three part technical pad drill. If you’ve not yet seen Part 1 you should watch that first. You can view it by clicking HERE.

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"Topple a Folding Screen" Throw (video)

This video is on the first of the nine throws Gichin Funakoshi shows in Karate-Do Kyohan. The name Funakoshi gives to the throw is “Byobuaoshi”; which translates as “folding screen topple” or “to topple a folding screen”. In the wider world of martial arts, the throw is more commonly known as “Osotogari” or “major outer reaping throw”.

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Advanced Naihanchi / Tekki-Shodan Arm-Control Flow Drill (video)

This video - that was filmed yesterday - shows a flow drill using a sequence of motions from Naihanchi (Tekki Shodan) to move and manipulate your partner’s arm. The aim of the drill is to move the arm through various positions while maintaining flow and contact. These various positions create openings for a wide range of techniques.

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