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Tekki-Shodan / Naihanchi Close-Range Striking Flow Drill (video)

This video shows a bunkai flow drill for Naihanchi / Tekki-Shodan from the seminar in Stuttgart, Germany in June 2016. This one of many two-person drills that should accompany the solo form of the kata. The methods covered also need to be drilled singularly, in alternate orders, and in both semi-live and live ways if the kata is to be fully realised.

Viewers of this clip also need to remember that they are watching a very short summary of what was taught; and therefore they need to guard against making incorrect assumptions based on their inevitably incomplete understanding.

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Pinan / Heian Sandan Throw in Pad Drill

This video shows one of a number of bunkai-based pad drills that we covered at a seminar in Stuttgart, Germany in June 2016. These pad drills include various throws that can be found in the Pinan / Heian kata. This video looks at the hip-throw that can be found at the end of Pinan / Heian Sandan.

While traditional karate includes many throws, karate is first and foremost a striking system. It is therefore important to practise the throws in a manner that is integrated with the core strikes. Drills like this can be a useful part of this side of karate practise.

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Some Karate Throws (video)

In this video you can see a quick summation of a number of karate throws. This summary was for people at a gathering in the UK in June 2016. We had previously spent quite a bit of time on the associated gripping skills, but that is not covered in this clip. The throws had been previously taught in some depth to those present and hence this quick recap should not be considered to be instructional in nature.

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Drill for the Start of Kushanku / Kanku-Dai

This short clip is a recap of the “Kushanku 1 Drill” (Kanku-Dai 1) that we covered during a seminar in Canada in June 2016. It is not a “technique” to be applied “as is” but a drill to permit the quick practise of the limb-control methods of the kata. These methods must also be drilled individually, in alternate ways and in live drills. This short clip cannot convey the entirety of what was covered at the event, nor can it show how the drill fits into the wider training methodology.

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Cup and Saucer position from Bassai and Kushanku / Kanku-Dai (video)

This video looks at the “Cup & Saucer” hand position found in Passai / Bassai-Dai & Kushanku / Kanku-Dai. The purpose of the moment is to locate the enemy’s head by following the arm back to the target. While the hand and arm are very mobile, the head is always right next to the shoulder. We can therefore locate the head, in the chaos of conflict, by following in the arm back to the head. For this method, the hand (fist or palm depending on style) is then placed on the head so a direct feel for the enemy’s head is established. The main strike is then delivered.

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Naihanchi Crash and Crank (video)

This video looks at the opening motion of Naihanchi kata (and quite a few others) where the hands come up and pivot down. The first arm motion represents a “cover and crash” to be applied if the initiative has been lost and the enemy is raining down strikes. We then clinch so that the enemy’s ability to rotate, and hence generate power, is limited. This buys us a moment to get back into the fight and regain the initiative.

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Knife-Hand Block Basic Pass Drill (video)

This video covers a basic bunkai drill for shuto-uke / “knife-hand block”. Specifically, the drills overs the basic pass to be used should the initial strike to the neck be blocked. This section is part of a wider drill for the limb-control components of Passai / Bassai-Dai.

This video was filmed at a two-day seminar in Achim, Germany in May 2016. As always, these short clips can’t convey the totality of what was covered, or how what was covered fits within the wider training matrix. I nevertheless hope what is shown is of interest.

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Matsumora Rohai Takedown (video)

This video looks at the one-legged-stance to downward strike of Matsumora Rohai. The kata is frequently mislabelled as “Matsumura Rohai”. However, it is important to understand the kata comes to us from the Tomari-te line of Kōsaku Matsumora, and not Shuri-te line of Sōkon Matsumura. It would seem that the two martial artists have become confused and this has resulted in the widespread mislabelling of the kata.

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A Naihanchi / Tekki-Shodan Flow Drill (video)

In this video you can see a flow drill for some on the methods found within Naihanchi / Tekki-Shodan kata. The video covers a drill for the opening sequence and the “reinforced block” section.

The drill should be performed with plenty of movement and in a fluid way. It should look and feel a little “rough” such that it accurately reflects the nature of conflict and provides a solid stepping stone to live practise of the methods.

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Seienchin (Seiyunchin) Flow Drill for Start of Kata

This video shows a bunkai flow drill for the first part of Seienchin (Seiyunchin) kata. It was filmed at a seminar in New Jersey in April 2016. It is possible to drill the entire kata in this way – which we did cover at the seminar – but we must remember that it is vitally important to drill the movements individually, in alternate order, and in a variety of other drills too if the kata is to be fully realised.

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