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1st Podcast!

Would you believe it! The uber-ludite himself has done a podcast! And this isn’t a one off! We’ll be putting these podcasts together pretty regularly and posting them as part of this blog. To be kept informed of new podcasts, please join the newsletter. As always, I had a lot of help from Richard with this podcast so I’m really pleased with the end result (I did the end and start myself and that’s why the sound “pops” on those bits – I now know how to stop that for future ones though!)

This podcast is just under twenty minutes long and you can listen to it now by clicking on the links at the foot of this post. You can also download it and listen later on your MP3 player, computer, or you could even burn it to a CD and listen to it in the car. I guess that’s the great thing about podcasts, you can accesses the information whenever suits you! The interview on this first podcast covers the following topics:

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