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Naihanchi Shodan / Tekki Shodan Ground Drill

Here's a little something shot in November last year.

Hope you enjoy.

All the best.

John Titchen

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Excellent. I really like how this relies not only on the kata movements but on general principles.

Thanks for sharing, John.  

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Thanks Marc. Obviously this drill is not 'stand alone'. It should tie in with the other kata moves to handle different positions.

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My personal preference and observation is: @ 43 sec as the force of the punch  force one back onto the floor; I personally would hook the  right foot  over behind his  crease of his left knee as

@ 44 sec you have your leg straight out with no control/contact with his leg.

@ 50 sec; his only natural option is to push up; the danger is if he co ordinates it with a shift of the left leg over your right leg to get extra leverage (as a natural move not as an intended move).

@53 sec your right leg rightly starts to act as a brace against his left leg/left hip

@1.18 your knee acts as a brace against the back of the thigh/butt

@1.22 I would hook my right leg over his left to give me slightly more control

But in the end it is a mixture of  preference and the speed of action overcoming reaction.