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Techniques of the Bubishi

Hello, everyone!

We are thrilled to share this video, which is a special presentation of our intrepretations of techniques found in the Bubishi--the "Bible of Karate"--as well as connections to kata movements and comparisons with a variety of other martial arts. We are also honored to have an introduction from Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi, Kudan, who wrote the English version of the Bubishi that most karateka refer to, today!

Mark B
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Very nice presentation, some nice interpretations of the templates of the Bubishi, good work. Working with the templates of the Bubishi is always great fun, especially relating them back to particular kata. At my seminars I often try and relate the templates I'm sharing back to the Bubishi, and give the names from the text. I love that stuff and find the people who attend really enjoy that element too. The short intro from McCarthy Hanshi was a really nice touch. I love his work, in the first place his is where I gain the majority of my inspiration from these days. Thanks for sharing.

Chikara Andrew
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Looks great Noah. I find the Bubishi a fascinating reference with the "self defence diagrams" being perhaps the most intriguing part. Interesting to see similarities with how I look at some of them and also where you differ.

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Great video Noah, thanks for sharing.

I'm looking forward to to exploring the techniques and the interpretations Richard and you give in the video.

Take care