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Shuri or Tomari Sanchin

Has anybody here seen the Shuri or Tomari version of Sanchin? I read somewhere it existed but fell out of use.

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Motobu-Ryu Udundi and the Bugeikan still teach and practice it, although it's often called Moto-te:

(Ichi is closed-fisted)

(Ni is open-handed)

I believe it is a relatively recent (early 1900's) addition, but I could be wrong. It's essentially the same as the Higaonna Kanryo version of Sanchin, but with natural breathing, very little tension, and straighter legs/feet. As I understand it, these are changes that were made by Uehara Seikichi Sensei, or at least are aspects highlighted by him.

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Thank you. It surprises me that a system so famous for its naihanchi would reintroduce sanchin.

Hohan Soken allegedly had Matsumura's sanchin, but would not transmit it.