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Juji Uke Against Unarmed

An application for juji uke straight from shaolin. (#8 at 2:35) Reminds me of jion.

Iain Abernethy
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I have my doubts about that. It looks like bad karate one-steps to me. We have both formal single attacks from an exaggerated distance (image 1) and the arms coming up in a very finite way to “block” the punch that is already finished, and did not hit anyway, while the uke remains still (figure 2). The same things we see in bad 3K karate are present and there are much better applications of the same motion.

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As Iain said, the setup for this is completely impractical and nearly identical to the "modern tradition" of the 3K approach. That said, I've seen a number of such things done to get to techniques that work well, if you get to them a different way. In this case, I don't like the lock that much, but a little tweaking can get you into a similar position that I think works better. And, of course, you would not get to it this way. Still, I think it's good to look at various sources for inspiration, as you've done here