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Andrew Rheeston Martial Arts Seminar

Following on from the great feedback of the seminar with myself and Iain Abernethy earlier this year I have arranged to continue the theme and teach another seminar which will focus again around the similarities between Karate and Kali Motions.

As well as the empty hand motions we will also take a look at how these can be used against blunt and edged weaponry. Also, we will see how the motions can be translated to impact equipment.

During the session we will be using focus mitts, kali stick and training knives. For attendees that don't already have this equipment there will be spares available on the day.

Location: Team Black Belt, Lode Lane, Solihull, B92 8NU

Time: 11:00–15:00

The cost of this seminar will be £30 per person and can be paid via bank transfer (contact Andy to arrange payment), via cheque made payable to Mr A Rheeston and sent to Mr A Rheeston 106 Piccadilly Close, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, B37 7LQ. Payment can also be taken in cash on the day once your space is booked.

A short clip from my recent seminar in June can be found here:


The event can be found on facebook via our club page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1668114486830923/

Any questions or to book your place contact Andy on 07929989720 or via e-mail andrew@armartialarts.co.uk

Thanks and look forward to seeing you there.


Iain Abernethy
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I really enjoyed the session Andrew I did together and I recommend people get to the above event if they can. There’s much more commonality than one would first think (see above video) and the experience of “cross training without cross training” (i.e. using other arts as a means to reflect on your own) is always intreating and rewarding. It’s also why I see myself as a martial artist first, and a karateka second. Should be a fun and informative day!

All the best,


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Thanks for the kind words Iain. I really enjoyed our session too. Will have to arrange another :)