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Kata Focus Mitt Drills

A short clip of a drill I taught yesterday in the "warm up" section ready for the Mittmaster seminar. The initial punch is used as a pre-emptive motion and should that fail to finish the confrontation in this drill we gave the pad holder four options.

1) Pad holder covers the pad (indicates a cover of their head once the shot has been delivered) we then used the Hiki-Te "pulling hand" common to karate to remove this obstruction to clear a line for the shot.

2) Pad holder "hangs" an arm in front giving an obstruction. We used the Shuto Uke "Knife hand receipt" here to clear the arm and hit back to the pad.

3) Pad holder responds with an attack of their own. Striker parries this attack but hits simultaneously with the other hand (as in motions 2 or 5 in Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan). The obstruction is then thrown away to clear the line for our strikes.

4) Pad holder charges in. As the pad holder shoots in we use the final motion from Seisan kata as we drop back and down and jam the pad holders Shoulders. As the head is down we follow with two knees and an over hand punch.


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Cool! - Relatively simple and yet it teaches a variety of principles for coping with different reactions from the opponent.

Thanks for posting it here.  

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Thanks for watching Marc. I'll be sharing more soon....

Iain Abernethy
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A great drill, well filmed and well explained. Thanks for sharing Andy.

All the best,


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Thanks Iain ;)

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Thanks for sharing! I actually teach several of the same padwork drills--nice to see the ideas are floating around out there!

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Thanks for watching. I like drills taught as a set rather than many single drills. Its the way you learn when to apply techniques not just how to apply then. This was just a basic set up for that seminar usually my drills progress as below:

1) Learn technique 1

2) Learn technique 2

3) Alternate between techniques 1 & 2

4) Perform at random (dictated by pad holder).

That helps to deliver the feel of when to apply the techniques in question and trains your perception and reaction.