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Basic Armbar Hojo Undo Stick Drill

Hello, everyone,

This week, I wanted to cover a drill I came up with a few years ago for developing pressure and muchimidi (sticky hands), as well as smoothness in my joint locks, that I could do without a partner. I found that it helped me improve my standing joint locks, particularly armbars, and my partners noticed it, too. It can be a deceptively difficult exercise, though

Iain Abernethy
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That’s one of those great drills that is clever in its simplicity, and facepalmingly retroactively obvious :-) And all you need it is a stick too! Very good.

All the best,


Jeb Chiles
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excellent video! I really like bo kata for elbow shoulder/lock and control! there are a few here from our first bo kata shihon uke.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNQZqPW3AUc

all the best 



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Thank you, both!

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I'm about to use my broom stick and practice this technique as we speak during my lunch break at work. Excellent video...Regards...Gerald