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Corner drill crashing in and positioning
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I do a number of corner drills, especially when I'm teaching sparring, but we do it a bit differently. What you show here is, basically, part of one of the drills I use. Typically, I have students start out with padwork, and usually the first drill is having one person in a corner, and their partner holding a kicking shield. The person in the corner is, obviously, supposed to strike and escape. The person with the kicking shield is supposed to try to crowd the person in the corner, and cut them off before they can escape. This can be done, as you did, with hand pads, as well. I also have them work the opposite--trapping someone in a corner. That typically starts with the person in the corner holding a kicking shield, and trying to get out of the corner while the other person cuts them off with strikes and body positioning. These, then, feed into partner drilling, which builds to sparring.